Mary Magdalene on Emerging from the Political “Shell Game”

I understand it has been a trying time for many concerned about the political clashes happening in your country. Were you to perceive it all from my perspective, it would not appear so all-important. Regardless of apparent “winners” or “losers,” you are all involved primarily in the same game – how to achieve greater harmony and well-being within yourselves and thereby in your world, whether you regard it this way consciously or not. All else is a shell game, a con, in which what you are desiring is always to be found somewhere else.

There is no harm in acting upon your perceptions and making the choices you believe are the best ones available. Simply remember that your wholeness is never based upon the choices and actions of others, and can never be undone. It can only be misperceived and not acted upon, not fully embraced or embodied, based upon your own free will choices.

That being said, there is an over-arching shell game being played out now in your political arena, a kind of cat-and-mouse being played out now in archetypal, larger-than-life terms from both “left” and “right” perspectives. How it is resolved will depend upon the level of cooperation chosen overall by the Higher Minds of key players, and the overall zeitgeist of the country as a whole.

I will have more to say on this topic in the future. This will suffice for now.

I would also like to make all of you aware that the real game lies within your own mind, heart and attitude.

When I was young, there was great political turmoil in our land, and little hope for real change. Yet eventually, it did occur. This is the overall direction of the Universe, though it appears to occur by fits and starts. Stay with it. All will be resolved, in perfect order.

In the meantime, do your best to uplift yourselves and support one another in those ways that you feel truly called to do, in those ways that inspire you and elevate your sense of oneness and wonder. It is indeed a magical Universe, and you are part of it.

Namaste and many blessings to you all.

I am Marie de la Madeleine, Truth-Teller Extraordinaire, and Love of the Wholeness in Each One of You.

Excerpt from the upcoming book, The Family of Magdalene, copyright 2016, Roslyn McGrath. 


Election Concerns & Advice from Mary Magdalene

I am very concerned about the status of your upcoming election. There is much division between supporters of one candidate and another, more than is typical here. I am concerned that the truth tellers will be silenced before their stories become exposed to a wider audience.

If this occurs, tumultuous forces of upheaval will arrive, and it will no longer be possible for neutrality to exist politically.This of course, would not prevent the shifts already occurring from anchoring fully on the Earth Plane to prepare for the experience of Heaven on Earth. But it would make the process far more bumpy and uneven.

What can we do?

Hold the Earth in your hearts. Follow NO dogmas. Assert your free will by questioning the validity of the concepts being bandied about so recklessly, concepts of right/wrong, good/better/best, safety vs. freedom. Develop your own sense of what these terms really mean to you and how they pertain to your lifetime.

Forgive those you have injured, those you have feared, those you have felt bitten or wounded you, and remember the Love which resides within all things. Choose your allies thoughtfully, and refresh yourself, re-new yourself regularly. Always look to the Higher perspective. Trust your instincts of when and how to move forward, and with whom.

Allow yourselves to imbibe the waters of Life with a glad heart and gratefully accept your role in the Coming Together of the Ages, the End Times, which shall re-new your world. New opportunities, new abilities, new perspectives and the Peace of a Million Years’ Dreaming shall abound.

Stay the course with all you truly love, and you shall know what it means to pioneer the new frontier of Heaven/Earth.

That’s a lot!

A step at a time, all journeys occur a step at a time. And you cannot avoid journeying itself, so you might as well choose your most worthwhile one!

I am continuing to surround your world and all in it with Light, as are Archangels Raphael, Ezekiel, Metatron and more. I mention these three as particularly relevant to your society’s needs right now.

I shall visit more of you in the Dreamtime than previously, as you open your minds further and begin to explore the properties I have described here. . . .

Au revoir and a thousand blessings to all!

I am Marie de la Madeleine, Speaker of Truth and Show-er of the Way

Excerpt from the upcoming book, The Family of Magdalene, copyright 2016, Roslyn McGrath

Mary Magdalene on Transforming Negativity

Messages for the next book have been coming fast and furious since mid-September. They are from the family of Magdalene, starting with Mary Magdalene herself.

I hadn’t planned to share any of this so soon, as I’m probably just about halfway through this part of the process, but there are points so relevant to what’s happening now that I feel compelled to begin sharing some excerpts, in hopes of supporting a more harmonious change in our world. 

. . . you must carefully and lovingly bring these things to the Light if you are indeed intending to truly transform them.  All else is simply an illusion, a delusion of Light. If you are to carry an issue from the “darkness’ into light you must accept it without judgment, else its roots in shame, guilt and/or denial will remain, and its aspects shall recreate themselves behind your conscious awareness.

Even so, it requires more than non-judgment to succeed with true transformation. You must recognize the core issue, the root of the many symptoms at play, or you are simply trying to chase down stem after stem, manifestation after manifestation of the prime cause.

Once you have recognized this, you must accept this factor within yourself, within the world, with compassion, and allow your being to fill to overflowing with Light so that you may dissolve this core, thereby shattering the illusion of it separateness from the Light.

Once you have done so, there are many ways to “clean up,” so to speak, the residues, the manifestations of said core issue. Continue to align yourself with the fields of Light, with Home, and you shall discover the most appropriate means available to you for doing so.

Whenever I am troubled by a situation in your world, I pour Light around it, and eventually others become more aware of it, sense its futility and become determined to make a difference regarding it, a positive change.

Yet without the acceptance/self-acceptance peace, the ‘battle” becomes long and arduous. Eventually, a breakthrough shall arise, for that is the way of your planetary evolution. However, in most cases the process and its efficacy could be greatly accelerated through use of my suggestion. It is not a new idea in the world, simply an under-utilized one. And it is time for more of you to bring it into fashion.

How can we best do so? Many who attempt this spend their whole lives trying, it seems to me. Total non-judgment of what seems bad or even horrific is a tall order for us.

You are required to expand your consciousness, your view of what “reality” is, in order to do so. Fill yourself up with Light and Love past overflowing. Visualize your world from greater and greater heights. You have tools available to you for doing so. Sense your origins in Divinity, in your Creator. See your world through Source’s eyes. All shall be reborn through this perspective.

Allow yourself to know your Heart as one with the Divine Heart with which all resides and you will find yourself capable of what I have described and more. It shall come to you, your sense of purpose, inner authority to act upon your creations through Love, with Light, and with the blessings of the Universe.

I shall withdraw for now and allow you to experience what I have described before continuing with my Herstory.

Au revoir for now!

I am Marie de la Madeleine, Lover of All Aspects of the Universal Drama and Cohort in its Re-Creation through You.

copyright 2016, Roslyn McGrath


Birthing Mary Magdalene & Our New World

Here is an excerpt from the message I received from the Third Mary 3 years ago today.

Matriarchal Madonna
Matriarchal Madonna, copyright R. McGrath

Many moons before Mary Magdalene was born, I had a vision. I saw myself giving birth to a large clump of brittle leaves. I tried to discern the meaning of this while it was occurring, but I could not. Then I had a vision of myself grappling with a power stronger than my own as I tried to uncover something beneath this pile of late autumn leaves. I nearly fell over in this battle, when suddenly the air itself around me shimmered and opened forth to reveal an angel in white, with long white robes with long sleeves, shimmering in this inter-dimensional doorway. The angel called me by name and told me all was well, I need struggle no longer, that I would birth someone who would know Truth and live it as none yet before, and that she would live to help change the world as we knew it.

Such a sense of peace, love and wonder overtook me, I can feel it to this day. And I know it has shaped my experience of life in many, many ways. I know too that the peace that surpasseth understanding is always available to us, that most of the time, we need merely consider this experience, rather than its opposite, in order to invoke it once again. You feel it now, yes?

The purpose of this missive is to awaken the love/beauty/trust/peace-capacity within ALL and know each one’s ability to bring forth their sacred seed of Light into fruition. Each carries a special knowing of their own design inside their heart, and can only experience it by acting with integrity and believing in one’s own ability to enact healthy change. 


Excerpt reprinted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright 2014, Roslyn McGrath.

The Young Mary Magdalene & Your Purpose

Another smidgen from The Third Mary, as I continue to celebrate the third anniversary of receiving her messagecropped-cropped-the-third-mary-sample-cover-3f43.jpgs. Three years ago today, I heard and wrote down the following:

I am the Mother of Mary Magdalene, as well as others. She came to me in a dream before her birth and asked me if I’d be willing to consecrate her to the Goddess. I said, “Of course.” She asked me again. I said, “I will.” She asked once more. I said, “I must.”

It was always this way with her, checking for understanding, searching for Truth, with substance and integrity. I knew when we began our lessons on the Earth plane that she was like no other born to me. She sang rhymes before she would walk. She listened to and watched intently all that was going on around her. She could distinguish shapes and colors long before my others could. She was a marvel. And very headstrong. Once she took it into her head to do something, there was no rest until she had accomplished it.

She was a sunny child too, of cheerful disposition. She would often smile at others when they were down, in such a way that they warmed to her rather than gathering in their fierceness, as often is the way when one tries to assist another that does not want it. They sensed her compassion and responded to this. She knew the ways of the Goddess long before I began to teach her, but she always wanted more of this, and would sit by my knees for hours at a time, when we could do so, drink
ing in the sound of my voice and the concepts played out in our mind’s eyes.

I knew as soon as I began a lesson that it would be hours before she would allow me to finish. She was very set in her desires. And she wanted Truth even more than Love or approval. And she lived her truth quite beautifully, as you are well aware.

I am telling you all this so you will know more about me as well, for I was shaped by her shaping in ways that I was unaware of at the time. It is truly the task for which I was born. All else falls away in comparison, though I will be sharing other parts of my life as well. Still all points come back to this, my one true calling that calls me still.

For it is my time to shine, as well as your own. Within the depths of each being, there lies a code, a code which can only be activated by one’s life purpose and those destined to trigger it.

I am coming to you with a mission relevant to your own, a mission that asks each one of us to look within for the power that moves worlds, turns the earth and stars, and brings us what we each seek in our own fashion, the knowing and experience of Oneness, which is the Truth beyond all Truths.

I am aware of the pain that many feel about the evolution, the coming times, the changes that they perceive within themselves and upon the planet. Yet there is much to enjoy, to celebrate, for the parting with the ways of man are coming soon, and the ideas of Heaven can now allow us to choose the only true alternative, the ways of Oneness, which Christ did much to prepare us for so long ago.

Mary Magdalene worked in tandem wit
h him in this, so many years ago. Yet it had to be hidden, for it was not yet time to reveal her Light. Mankind was in great conflict and the time of women was soon submerged. It is coming to the forefront again, in order to allow the Oneness, the merging, to come into fruition

Excerpt from The Third Mary: 55 Message for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright 2015, Roslyn McGrath.

Mary Magdalene’s Impact On Your Life: Message of the Week from the Third Mary

You may remember from previous conversations I have had with you that I chose to bring the Light through my rearing of the Lady Mary Magdalene as part of this mission. She was a very enlightened child, which does not mean she was omniscient or overly obedient. She was enlightened by knowing and living Truth as best she was able in each stage of her growing up. And she knew she would play a pivotal role in the path of the whole of humanity. When I chose to be her Mother, I knew she was a part of me whose Truth would live forever, though it would be hidden from public view for a very long time. That time has ended and a new time has begun, a time in which you are being asked to participate greatly.

I would like you to consider one thing—what would you be like if you had never known or even considered the power of the Divine Feminine? How would you perceive yourself and your planet? What would you do to create positive change? What kinds of outcomes would you be predicting?

Reprinted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright Roslyn McGrath, 2014.

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Tales of Mary Magdalene’s Youth: Message for the Week

When I first discovered I was pregnant again, I had hoped it would be a daughter, for I longed for the presence of more feminine energy in our day-to-day lives, and I knew that my first daughter would focus this element sharply. I tried to communicate with her soul before I was ready to take on the responsibility of the awareness forthcoming from such, and so it took a while to become successful. However, I always knew there would be a great bond between us, even more than is usual between a mother and her first daughter, and I was aware of the great fortitude and trust this bond would necessitate.

When Mary became old enough to speak, we had delightful conversations about the natural world about us. I would tell her the names of things, and she would laugh and tell me the meanings of them. For example, “butterfly” was “bird of the flowers,” and “pine nut” was “tasty treat.”

She was always an outspoken girl, as I have mentioned before, and whenever a person showed disrespect to another, she would politely give them “what-for,” with a spark in her eyes, and a clarity of purpose that knew no hesitation.

She was also quite an observant child, and if asked, could report with great detail on the goings-on in the household, including the feelings of those involved, and on the doings in the natural world about us as well. It was a marvelous awareness, indeed.

I also wish to recount her stillness. She could sit for hours at a time, if the situation allowed for it, simply observing the world around her, as well as focusing deep inside herself. This was a trait that would serve her well in her adult life, assisting her fortitude and insight through the challenges to come.

I often wondered whether she knew what she was doing back then, whether she recognized that she was preparing for the future onslaught. It was well I did not ask her, for there were things in the foretelling I already wished I did not know, though certainly they were vitally important preparation for me as well.

I knew when I gave birth to her that the caul of darkness would eventually be lifted from all, and her essence would be there, guiding and supporting this process for eons to come, and announcing its arrival in due course, and with finality.

I despair of expressing all the earthly tales I could communicate about her. Suffice it to say for now that I am her Mother, chorot,* steward and initiator, and I am very grateful for her soul, her essence, here, now and all-ways.

*Chorot indicates first-born in Hebrew.

Reprinted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright Roslyn McGrath, 2014.

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Message for the Week: Raising the Lady Mary Magdalene

Good morning, Dear One! I am Mary, Mother of the Lady Mary Magdalene, Speaker of Truth, Show-er of the Way and Relater of Tales that Tell the Activities of Light Taking Form on your planet. I have come today to take you into my keeping in order to relate better to the time of the Lady Mary Magdalene’s birth and upbringing.

Things were simpler then, in the sense that there were not nearly as many choices to make regarding daily affairs, but much tougher because we were not allowed to make certain of those choices available to us without severe consequences, both materially and socially.

Once a transgression from the norm had occurred, there was no going back, no fresh start for the so-called wrongdoer. And it was the same for all of us, even those born within the Goddess tradition. There were practices we were taught to subscribe to without questioning, and others not allowable, though it was clear to me there were a few privately exploring such options. This in itself could not be brought out into the open, discussed through conversation, without dire consequences as well.

The freedom of exploration you all desire was very confined during this time on Earth and none of us shared ourselves completely openly without fear of backlash against some viewpoint that did not fit with that of our unit, be it coven, family or tribe.

All except the Lady Mary Magdalene. And in myself, there was an iron-strong ability to stand up to such, but only to purpose, and my purpose was to raise the Lady Mary up in such a way that she might have a strong foundation from which to carry forth hers.

She was largely free of the fear of such consequences, though she was aware she would experience some of them at the appropriate point. She obeyed the law of her source and of her own Divine Nature, and I accepted this as a matter of course.

And it was understood in our family unit that I was always watching out for her, guarding and supporting her freedom in whatever ways possible to me. And I knew, I was even able to see and feel at times, the immense protection that surrounded her, like a great buzz of angels, ancient guardians and certain elemental energies.

Lady Mary was not inhibited in sharing her love of all creation and her joy of being, and this was disarming to many who would have otherwise seen her as “wrong” and responded in ways common for such.

As she grew, so did her charm and beauty, as well as her questioning of common ways and law.

She asked me once why I did not do the same, for she knew me well enough to understand that we saw things very similarly. It was a testing sort of question, for she was well aware of the nature of our destiny together and of the ways of our society.

I explained that I forswore my personal viewpoints to be beyond rebuke so that when the time came of resistance to her activities, I could rally forces on her behalf to dissuade those who would seek to hold her back and limit her experience, so that she might better unfold her purpose. The pristine reputation of our family would delay any retribution typically required by certain of her actions, and give her time to surround herself with allies.

Young Mary was fifteen at the time of her asking, and quite bold for anyone her age, whether male or female. And I trusted her implicitly, for I knew her core and her willingness, nay passion, to be of great service to the whole. She was bound to this and her apparent freedom served it well. In the interim, she enjoyed life with all of us. . .

Reprinted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace and Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright 2014, Roslyn McGrath.

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The Power of Three & the Female Trinity

Do or say something once – it is new, unique, perhaps exciting or anxiety provoking, perhaps special, seen as a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime, once-upon-a-time event, or a negative, never to be repeated experience.

Do or say something twice – you have more experience, more knowledge, more familiarity. You have seconded it, added support.

Do or say something three times – you have entered the territory of beginning-middle-end, co-creating with the Universe something of a complete being, fully stated intention a la “and so it is.” You have landed in the magic field of full creative possibilities. Three is the magic number.

Do you know how much stronger a truss/intersecting triangles is than typical perpendicular construction? A trio or trinity over a pair? It speaks of what is, was and will be, the all-time-is-one factor; the dualistic nature of our Universe and what the two aspects, “mother” and “father” birth or create together; the yin/yang which create the Tao; and the exchange of energies, the interconnection of these magical three.

Why are the mother of Jesus, his female disciple or partner, (depending on how you view this), and her mother all considered Marys?

The name Mary signified healer in those days, and each of these Marys offers healing to the world – Mother Mary known for offering her compassionate, unconditional love and solace, Mary Magdalene for blazing new pathways of possibility and passionate determination to serve a cause, and her mother, the third Mary, now making herself more widely known for sharing her wisdom and practical advice. The mother, maiden and crone, so very interwoven in their lives and purpose, create a Female Trinity that we may call forth for support.

I invite you to invoke their grace and power into your life. Call upon this Female Trinity to witness and aid your journey, in matters both big and small, and note the changes.

Blessed be.

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Message for the Week: Young Mary Magdalene As Teacher

One fine day, a man with a horse approached the gallows and asked for directions to the nearest inn. Young Mary, who was about twelve at the time, responded, “The inn has closed. But you can stay with us if you like.”

The man resented her manner of speaking as the household authority as unfit for one so young, and particularly a girl. He inquired where he might find her parents. She responded, “Within.”

He raised his eyebrows and prepared to turn away, but her gaze held him. He saw the look in her eyes. It was beyond love. It was the Truth Beyond Illusion that shone in them, and he was captivated by this spell. He sat upon the ground, knelt before her, and asked whether she could teach him what she knew. She answered him softly, “You know what I know. Remember.”

He sat for long moments by her side. She patiently held her knowing and her awareness of his own knowing in her mind, as his being received and absorbed. One could almost feel, hear and see the gears shifting within him, rearranging the parts into a more unified whole.

When he finally returned to awareness of the outside world, his manner was greatly changed. He had softened, yet solidified at the same time. It was as if he grew into his self, his authentic nature, no longer requiring to push and shove to make his way, but ready to observe, consider and respond to what was shown him instead. He had matured in a way that allowed him to receive Light more readily and to prepare himself for this authentic Destiny, which was as a teacher as well.

He went by the name of Jeremiah, and was a kinder soul from then on. He was not perfect, and there was much for him to absorb, but absorb he did, and he became a very fine teacher of the early knowings that prepare the way for Unitive consciousness.

Jeremiah spoke softly and respectfully toward young Mary ever after that. And had he known the larger role she would eventually play, he would have bowed down and kissed her feet. It was working within him to do so, as it was.

He stayed several nights with us, watching, absorbing, contemplating, and spoke with great respect to all, and obvious admiration for Mary. When possible, he would return to continue this aspect of his learning, always leaving coin upon his departure, though none was ever requested of him. And in the days to come, he would serve an important role as Mary’s protector, one of many who would unobtrusively serve in this way over time.

Reprinted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace and Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright 2014, Roslyn McGrath.

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