Knowing Peace Will Be On Earth

3 years ago today, the energy of Mary Magdalene’s mother shared this childhood experience with me:

Dawn Star, 8 x 10, brighter
copyright Roslyn Elena McGrath


When I was a small child, I gazed up at the Heavens, especially at night, whenever I had the opportunity. I always felt that the more I looked upward, the more I would feel Heaven all around me, and so I did.

One day, while looking upward, a star fell from the sky. You would call this a shooting star. I was impressed, but also afraid that my own desire for Heaven and Earth had pulled this piece right out of the
sky. I wondered whether I should continue expressing this yearning or whether perhaps, somehow, it was a negative that could cause ruin. (I was the only one who had seen this occur at the time and being so young, I had not received teachings about such.) And so I prayed for guidance.

The following night, I dreamt a small child like myself yet vibrating with Light, an angel of my own stature and similar appearance, stood before me. She smiled at me and I felt joyful recognition, and total trust and peace. She told me I would live to know many wonders and that I was helping to bring Heaven on Earth, not harming anything in this manner, and that many, many moons from now I would know it. I would experience the Heaven on Earth community and in the meantime I would learn many things, all necessary to create the Peaceable Kingdom and all important for Living Truth in the Now. I understood I would require each moment of this long time to accomplish this, and everything I undertook would ultimately assist in this accomplishment.

I nodded to signify my understanding. She spoke to me of her love for me and that she would be there to assist and comfort me, though I might not see her again in this manner for a very long time. I knew this was true because the love, peace and comfort emanating from her and surrounding me was so intense, so real, beyond my human experience of such before. And I felt the knowing grow inside me that the essence of all I yearned for would come to pass.

I became quite peaceful after this, and patient through most of the hardships that came into my life thereafter. It was the start of my conscious initiation into the Brotherhood of Light on Earth and I took to it well.

Reprinted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright 2014, Roslyn McGrath.


Trust & the Power of Commitment to Positive Change

I have to say, I don’t always completely trust the process of change.

I’m probably something of a “fair weather trust-er,” doubting its ultimate results when the change comes in a form different than I envisioned, or the process is uncomfortable.

It’s uncomfortable right now; turns out my injured foot has a fracture.

I’m grateful for the “moon boot” that’s helping me get around better than I have for the last two weeks and making sure my foot heals properly. And I’m grateful to have more support for this healing process.

And I’m glad I’ve cleared a bunch of emotional goo-ga that’s come up since the injury occurred.

But I have moments of unreasonable pessimism about it at times, as well as of feeling sorry for myself.

Yet underneath it all, I know it’s leading to greater strength and wholeness.

Always, I’d like this process to be easier.

And at the same time, I know some go through much more challenging health issues in their process of achieving greater unity and integration.

I am so grateful for all the assistance I’m receiving. And I am calling in more grace, more allowing, and even more support for this healing, on all levels.

Last summer, when a dear friend, upon hearing of my close connection with Mary Magdalene’s mother, suggested I communicate with her, find out her story, I was VERY resistant.

The degree of emotion I felt when I would sense this connection seemed so overwhelming, so intense that I didn’t want to go there.

And yet, I began hearing her voice in my head almost immediately.

Within a week’s time, I committed myself to taking down the messages that Mary Magdalene’s mother wanted to share with us.

This resulted not only in the gifts of The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace, but also of clearing up my discomfort in connecting with her, and accessing much more of myself.

I am much more fully present here now, which is an incredible and great gift; one I would have missed had I not made the commitment I did.

So I commit now to being fully present with my current healing process, and of finding as much appreciation for it, in and of itself, as possible.

And I am looking forward to all the positive changes this brings.

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