The Power of Three & the Female Trinity

Do or say something once – it is new, unique, perhaps exciting or anxiety provoking, perhaps special, seen as a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime, once-upon-a-time event, or a negative, never to be repeated experience.

Do or say something twice – you have more experience, more knowledge, more familiarity. You have seconded it, added support.

Do or say something three times – you have entered the territory of beginning-middle-end, co-creating with the Universe something of a complete being, fully stated intention a la “and so it is.” You have landed in the magic field of full creative possibilities. Three is the magic number.

Do you know how much stronger a truss/intersecting triangles is than typical perpendicular construction? A trio or trinity over a pair? It speaks of what is, was and will be, the all-time-is-one factor; the dualistic nature of our Universe and what the two aspects, “mother” and “father” birth or create together; the yin/yang which create the Tao; and the exchange of energies, the interconnection of these magical three.

Why are the mother of Jesus, his female disciple or partner, (depending on how you view this), and her mother all considered Marys?

The name Mary signified healer in those days, and each of these Marys offers healing to the world – Mother Mary known for offering her compassionate, unconditional love and solace, Mary Magdalene for blazing new pathways of possibility and passionate determination to serve a cause, and her mother, the third Mary, now making herself more widely known for sharing her wisdom and practical advice. The mother, maiden and crone, so very interwoven in their lives and purpose, create a Female Trinity that we may call forth for support.

I invite you to invoke their grace and power into your life. Call upon this Female Trinity to witness and aid your journey, in matters both big and small, and note the changes.

Blessed be.

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