Message for the Week: Raising the Lady Mary Magdalene

Good morning, Dear One! I am Mary, Mother of the Lady Mary Magdalene, Speaker of Truth, Show-er of the Way and Relater of Tales that Tell the Activities of Light Taking Form on your planet. I have come today to take you into my keeping in order to relate better to the time of the Lady Mary Magdalene’s birth and upbringing.

Things were simpler then, in the sense that there were not nearly as many choices to make regarding daily affairs, but much tougher because we were not allowed to make certain of those choices available to us without severe consequences, both materially and socially.

Once a transgression from the norm had occurred, there was no going back, no fresh start for the so-called wrongdoer. And it was the same for all of us, even those born within the Goddess tradition. There were practices we were taught to subscribe to without questioning, and others not allowable, though it was clear to me there were a few privately exploring such options. This in itself could not be brought out into the open, discussed through conversation, without dire consequences as well.

The freedom of exploration you all desire was very confined during this time on Earth and none of us shared ourselves completely openly without fear of backlash against some viewpoint that did not fit with that of our unit, be it coven, family or tribe.

All except the Lady Mary Magdalene. And in myself, there was an iron-strong ability to stand up to such, but only to purpose, and my purpose was to raise the Lady Mary up in such a way that she might have a strong foundation from which to carry forth hers.

She was largely free of the fear of such consequences, though she was aware she would experience some of them at the appropriate point. She obeyed the law of her source and of her own Divine Nature, and I accepted this as a matter of course.

And it was understood in our family unit that I was always watching out for her, guarding and supporting her freedom in whatever ways possible to me. And I knew, I was even able to see and feel at times, the immense protection that surrounded her, like a great buzz of angels, ancient guardians and certain elemental energies.

Lady Mary was not inhibited in sharing her love of all creation and her joy of being, and this was disarming to many who would have otherwise seen her as “wrong” and responded in ways common for such.

As she grew, so did her charm and beauty, as well as her questioning of common ways and law.

She asked me once why I did not do the same, for she knew me well enough to understand that we saw things very similarly. It was a testing sort of question, for she was well aware of the nature of our destiny together and of the ways of our society.

I explained that I forswore my personal viewpoints to be beyond rebuke so that when the time came of resistance to her activities, I could rally forces on her behalf to dissuade those who would seek to hold her back and limit her experience, so that she might better unfold her purpose. The pristine reputation of our family would delay any retribution typically required by certain of her actions, and give her time to surround herself with allies.

Young Mary was fifteen at the time of her asking, and quite bold for anyone her age, whether male or female. And I trusted her implicitly, for I knew her core and her willingness, nay passion, to be of great service to the whole. She was bound to this and her apparent freedom served it well. In the interim, she enjoyed life with all of us. . .

Reprinted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace and Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright 2014, Roslyn McGrath.

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