Mother’s Day Message from the Third Mary

"Matriarchal Madonna," copyright Roslyn McGrath, 2013
“Matriarchal Madonna,” copyright Roslyn McGrath, 2013

It is a blessing to be a mother. And a challenge. No matter whether your child looms large on the world stage or no, from the time he or she leaves the womb, a delicate dance is required between engagement and letting go. Nevertheless, it is a most wondrous thing to be able to birth and nurture a child, or indeed a project with which one is eminently soul connected. And so long is there as Creation, there will be creation and pro-creation, ad infinitum.

May all your birthings bring you great joy, and recognition of the honor of your own part in the Oneness.

I remain, as always, The Third Mary, Mother of the Lady Mary Magdalene, daughter of Niza. And I am loving each one of you, forever and all-ways.