The Third Mary on Love, Grief & Identity: Message of the Week

copyright Roslyn McGrath
copyright Roslyn McGrath

Hello, Dear One! I am Mo-Ray of the Archangelic Kingdom, Speaker of Truth, Show-er of the Way and Witness of the Many Marvels Forthcoming from the Human Light Stream of Evolution. I have come this day to share with you the secret of my supreme countenance, the inner call that sung me into Being, helped me on my way and resides with me still; it is LOVE, pure and simple. It is the SOURCE and REPLENISHMENT of ALL LIFE FORCE Energy and cannot be distilled into anything less than or greater than what it already and always is.

I am an electrified unit of the thoughtform of LOVE, which has no beginning nor end, yet recreates itself through an infinite amount of finite and very diverse units – organisms, matter itself, All-That-Is. Each unit is called up to represent Life/Love in Action in a unique manner relevant to its class/type/kind and cannot be exchanged for any similar unit without disrupting the Order of the cosmos. Many seismic shifts were necessary to create who we are now, yet all these shifts were born through Love and for Love. It is a calling many of your kind disrespect because they believe it weakens them.

That is absolutely not so. To share one’s true vulnerability is an act of great heart and courage—not the “poor me” syndrome, but the true ability to be greatly impacted by another. It is a service that renders the heart open wide, as does real compassion. These acts of strength are vital to the survival of your species, and entrusted explicitly to it for the creation of unparalleled aspects of beauty for the evolution of the whole/All-That-Is. Understand that each loving act is concommittal with the Truth of Reality. Nothing would exist without Love. Nor survive. Its greatness is unparalleled, and you all oftentimes confuse it with other energies—sorrow, pain, jealousy, possessiveness. These are all byproducts of various types of resistances to LOVE. They are not byproducts or a part of LOVE itself.

Even in grief, there is an unloving aspect that would choose to possess the form of another to keep it alive in the way one desires its continuance, rather than its own freedom of choice and self-delineation. After a loved one has moved on from human form, many thoughtwaves may attach themselves around it;“Did I do right by this one? Did this one do right by me? Why has he or she left me? What will I do now? Is he or she okay? How will this affect others?”
All these thoughtwaves are mis-creations, distortions of the ORIGIN of the relationship, which is LOVE!!!!!


CELEBRATE ONE ANOTHER ALL-WAYS!!!!!! There is no lack, only lack of awareness/perception!!!! The energies of the departed are free to explore in new ways, untrammeled by their earthly lifetimes, though they are not unaware or uncaring of them. They simply have ceased to use their earthly vehicles as their main form of expression and movement. They can now exist freely in the etheric realm, though clearly they are able to interface with physical reality, as you can tell by your written communication with me. And yet it is also nonverbal, is it not?
Historically, the human creation was able to access the Unseen Realms more easily overall in the past. Now the veils are lifting and freedom of exchange has vastly increased. You know when you communicate with the other side, as it is called, that you have allowed yourself to open more fully to the non-physical, and it is well you do so, for you must fully acknowledge all aspects of Divinity within and beyond your sense of self in order to help co-create Heaven on Earth. And I assist you in doing so by acknowledging you as a part of who I am, and vice versa, such that we bond beyond either of our conscious knowing for the improvement of All-That-Is. And yes, it does evolve, and each one of us along with it—the true Alta-Organism!!!

I will leave you now to your other activities. I thank you for taking pen in hand to re-choose our communication choice. And so it is and all is well! I thank you dear One! I love you from all the chambers of my Heart.

I remain, as always, Mo-Ray of the Archangelic Kingdom, Speaker of Truth, Show-er of the Way and Live-er Beyond All Expectations of “High” and “Low.” And I am loving you forever and all-ways!!!!!!


Reprinted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright Roslyn McGrath, 2014.


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