Knowing Peace Will Be On Earth

3 years ago today, the energy of Mary Magdalene’s mother shared this childhood experience with me:

Dawn Star, 8 x 10, brighter
copyright Roslyn Elena McGrath


When I was a small child, I gazed up at the Heavens, especially at night, whenever I had the opportunity. I always felt that the more I looked upward, the more I would feel Heaven all around me, and so I did.

One day, while looking upward, a star fell from the sky. You would call this a shooting star. I was impressed, but also afraid that my own desire for Heaven and Earth had pulled this piece right out of the
sky. I wondered whether I should continue expressing this yearning or whether perhaps, somehow, it was a negative that could cause ruin. (I was the only one who had seen this occur at the time and being so young, I had not received teachings about such.) And so I prayed for guidance.

The following night, I dreamt a small child like myself yet vibrating with Light, an angel of my own stature and similar appearance, stood before me. She smiled at me and I felt joyful recognition, and total trust and peace. She told me I would live to know many wonders and that I was helping to bring Heaven on Earth, not harming anything in this manner, and that many, many moons from now I would know it. I would experience the Heaven on Earth community and in the meantime I would learn many things, all necessary to create the Peaceable Kingdom and all important for Living Truth in the Now. I understood I would require each moment of this long time to accomplish this, and everything I undertook would ultimately assist in this accomplishment.

I nodded to signify my understanding. She spoke to me of her love for me and that she would be there to assist and comfort me, though I might not see her again in this manner for a very long time. I knew this was true because the love, peace and comfort emanating from her and surrounding me was so intense, so real, beyond my human experience of such before. And I felt the knowing grow inside me that the essence of all I yearned for would come to pass.

I became quite peaceful after this, and patient through most of the hardships that came into my life thereafter. It was the start of my conscious initiation into the Brotherhood of Light on Earth and I took to it well.

Reprinted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright 2014, Roslyn McGrath.


Message of the Week: The Third Mary’s Early Vision

Good morning! I am Mo-Ray of the Archangelic Kingdom, Mother of the Lady Mary Magdalene, Speaker of Truth, Show-er of the Way and Inviter of the Good to All-That-Is.

I have come today to share with you more of my personal story, as it concerns the upbringing of Lady Mary Magdalene. I have told you of the coven. What I have not told you is that I was a High Priestess within it, and as such was responsible for overseeing much of the education of the young girls.

My own mother was such before me, and she was aware that I was foretold to be the harbinger of much good in the world, to bear precious fruit, so she was quite painstaking in her initiations of me.

Oftentimes, when I was adjusting to new frequencies, I would sit by myself a little while, in a small glade, and avail myself of the opportunity to rest my feet and simply commune with nature without any particular objective.

One such afternoon, I noticed a small frog jumping next to me. But rather than jumping away, he was simply jumping straight up and down, as if to show me something. I looked more closely and indeed, there was a small shining something, almost like a drop of dew, but not quite, and it was too late in the day for that.

Upon continued inspection, I noticed it rocking slightly to one side. I slid a small leaf under it and very carefully brought it closer to my eyes. What I saw was a tiny little being shape-shifting from one form in miniature to another—human, frog, fairy, raptor, each melding into the other in rapid succession.

And I began to notice areas around it changing with each of the being’s change of form. Before long, I began to see whole stories playing out, stories of key elements of my past and one I could only assume would be in my future.

I saw you, and I saw me. I saw the Lady Mary Magdalene as a small child, grown up and grown old. I saw elements of her story with Jesus the Christ. I saw my own role with her and with them too. I trusted my instincts and began to flow with my own sense of inner dialogue there and the stories unfolded more fully, taking on their true dimension and color now.

I was witnessing portions of my own Life Weave in story form, and noticing common themes, as well as moments that appeared specifically emphasized for me to remember more thoroughly than others.

I had the opportunity to make peace with my future, as well as my past, more than once in this process, and though it did not change the events themselves, I could more easily accept and not regret their pre-chosen nature.

Reprinted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace and Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright 2014, Roslyn McGrath.

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Early Morning Epiphany

While somewhat awake during the wee hours today, as I was moved to claim more of my inherent nature and purpose, I had one of those realizations that ring through your being and accelerate change;

the kind of revelation that may seem simple, even heard, read or spoken many times before, except that this time, it shifts things to a point of (hallelujah!) no return;

the kind of knowing that deepens your gratitude for being alive.

For me, this early morning, it was experiencing the meaning of the following:

When we are serving our purpose, we are strengthened. The doing of it is always a healing.

And I felt that strength pour through me, as I made good on my soul’s commitment to translate energies between Heaven and Earth, as we move into greater congruence between them, together.

I felt this strength come to me through taking down the messages for The Third Mary. And in compiling the materials for Goddess Heart Rising.

And I’m continuing to follow the path of what feels good, right, strengthening, in sharing these books.

This Saturday it will be through a PARTY, a celebration, at one of my favorite times of year – Summer Solstice! And at one of my favorite places – Joy Center!

It’s deeply satifying for me to get to share my books with you, the process behind them, and original art included in them, along with a Soul-ar Activation Meditation. (Plus delicious refreshments and special music, of course!)

I would love for you to join me there if you can make it! And if not, please feel free to join in spirit!

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My Positive Daydream

handshakeOne of my positive daydreams is experiencing the world as a place where working together to resolve issues and challenges is so much the norm that people are shocked to see someone take sides or try to create “separate camps,” because working toward unified, overall goals has become the expectation.

In this world, we greatly appreciate the different perspectives, approaches, talents and skills that others bring to the table. We are thrilled that this is enriching the incredible smorgasbord of life, and giving each of us the opportunity to expand our way of perceiving it.

We look forward to our time with others and on our own to continue to soak in the wealth of experiences and possibilities that this Universe offers us.

And we treat ourselves and one another with kindness, knowing that even when we do not understand the motivations behind someone else’s or our own actions, we are all still part of a Greater Whole, a unified source, that we cannot fully comprehend from a human perspective.

Because of our great respect and appreciation for one another, the freedom and confidence to develop individual talents and skills is nourished, and we each receive the incredible benefits of what all the individuals of our world have to offer.

And this wealth is continually expanding, as we each continue to grow our abilities and perspectives, allowing our natural creativity, resourcefulness and talents to lead the way.

I am very fortunate to be living in this time and place, where so much positive potential is preparing to pop!

Please feel free to share your own positive daydreams below.

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You can also FOLLOW be entered to WIN A FREE COPY of both The Third Mary & Goddess Heart Rising when we reach 100 followers there!