Individual Sessions

Approximately a year after receiving the 55 messages contained in The Third Mary, channel Roslyn Elena McGrath began receiving energetic training from the Third Mary, who described it as an updated version of a process that was facilitated in her coven during her lifetimes as Mary Magdalene’s mother, and suggested using the term Original Connection Remembrance.

Original Connection Remembrance facilitates the flow of energy between your specific, original connection with both Heaven and Earth.

It assists you to more fully embody your earthly purpose and divine origins, to function more effectively as a conduit of energetic information between the two,

thereby supporting both your own self-actualization and that of Heaven and Earth within the context of your larger identity in the Universe.

An original, custom-made drawing is included free of charge to assist you to touch into these energies after your session, again and again.

Original Connection Remembrance sessions run approximately one hour and can be facilitated both in person and at a distance.

What Others Have to Say About OCR:

I felt light and happy, like having dropped a big load. . . I felt my body so differently, like never before, like all here, compact, possessed by me. I am so happy I took the time to see you. And I can’t wait to be able to engage in more work with you. It’s like finding a better me everyday. – Claudia Cioni Knaus

It has helped increase the peace and forward movement in my life. – Anna G

Contact for more information and scheduling.

Roslyn Elena McGrath also offers 1:1 guidance sessions channeled from the Third Mary by phone, Skype or in person.

Roslyn’s Third Mary channeling was full of loving flow, wisdom, and grace. I gained insights that put my heart and mind at ease, knowing that a truly divine essence was speaking through her. Beautiful and magnificent! – Jen H.


Contact for more information and scheduling.


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