Free Meditation on Manifesting Through Your Interactive Light System

A few days ago, I had the honor of facilitating a meditation for Soul Support System’s Manifesting Mastery free conference call series.

Soul Support Systems is the non-profit organization for humanity’s evolution founded by Flo Aeveia Magdalena, author of I Remember Union, the book that has been such a catalyst for my growth and my connection with the Third Mary.

I’ve been absorbing the benefits of the Manifesting Mastery series for several months now. Each Monday evening through Dec. 31, 2014, a specially trained teacher shares a 10 – 15 minute meditation designed to support your connection, expansion and ability to live your purpose more abundantly,

Facilitating this past Monday’s meditation gave me the opportunity to give back, and to share some of the rudiments of the Original Connection Re-Membrance process the Third Mary shared with me, along with my growing awareness of the many light systems of which we are part.

You can listen to a recording of Manifesting Through Your Interactive Light System until 7:30 pm Eastern, Monday, Dec. 8, 2014, by calling 605-562-3132, Access Code 636883#. (Push # again when it asks for an another code.)

And at 8 pm that night, you can take part in the next meditation in the series by calling 605-562-3131, Access Code 636883#.

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Thank You!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat an honor to get to share this gift that was given to my heart and soul with a group that truly soaked in its energies!

Yesterday I shared a Celebration of the Sacred Feminine – Books Release Party & Soul-ar Activation Meditation, including a brief channeling from the Third Mary. And it was magical, deep, fun and thrilling meeting and communing with friends new and old, and sharing my experience of birthing both The Third Mary and Goddess Heart Rising, and hearing those who’d already experienced them share their impact.

It’s exciting to know that more and more of their energies are going out into the world, activating their readers and influencing lives in wonderful ways!

This is a gift to myself, and I intend to absorb it fully now as I celebrate 49 years on the planet in this lifetime.

Thank you again to everyone who’s been and will be a part of the sharing of these books, and to all the energies that have come through me to them, and to all that has enabled me to do so.

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And if you FOLLOW’ll be entered to WIN A FREE COPY of both The Third Mary & Goddess Heart Rising when we reach 100 followers there!

Celebration of the Sacred Feminine – Books Release Party & Soul-ar Activation

Celeb of Sacred Feminine flyerCome enjoy readings from The Third Mary and Goddess Heart Rising, Original Goddess Art by author/artist Roslyn McGrath, Live Music, Soul-ar Activation Solstice Meditation, Refreshments, Books & Goddess Prints for Sale, as we celebrate Summer Solstice & the Sacred Feminine together!

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