Message for the Week: Young Mary Magdalene As Teacher

One fine day, a man with a horse approached the gallows and asked for directions to the nearest inn. Young Mary, who was about twelve at the time, responded, “The inn has closed. But you can stay with us if you like.”

The man resented her manner of speaking as the household authority as unfit for one so young, and particularly a girl. He inquired where he might find her parents. She responded, “Within.”

He raised his eyebrows and prepared to turn away, but her gaze held him. He saw the look in her eyes. It was beyond love. It was the Truth Beyond Illusion that shone in them, and he was captivated by this spell. He sat upon the ground, knelt before her, and asked whether she could teach him what she knew. She answered him softly, “You know what I know. Remember.”

He sat for long moments by her side. She patiently held her knowing and her awareness of his own knowing in her mind, as his being received and absorbed. One could almost feel, hear and see the gears shifting within him, rearranging the parts into a more unified whole.

When he finally returned to awareness of the outside world, his manner was greatly changed. He had softened, yet solidified at the same time. It was as if he grew into his self, his authentic nature, no longer requiring to push and shove to make his way, but ready to observe, consider and respond to what was shown him instead. He had matured in a way that allowed him to receive Light more readily and to prepare himself for this authentic Destiny, which was as a teacher as well.

He went by the name of Jeremiah, and was a kinder soul from then on. He was not perfect, and there was much for him to absorb, but absorb he did, and he became a very fine teacher of the early knowings that prepare the way for Unitive consciousness.

Jeremiah spoke softly and respectfully toward young Mary ever after that. And had he known the larger role she would eventually play, he would have bowed down and kissed her feet. It was working within him to do so, as it was.

He stayed several nights with us, watching, absorbing, contemplating, and spoke with great respect to all, and obvious admiration for Mary. When possible, he would return to continue this aspect of his learning, always leaving coin upon his departure, though none was ever requested of him. And in the days to come, he would serve an important role as Mary’s protector, one of many who would unobtrusively serve in this way over time.

Reprinted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace and Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright 2014, Roslyn McGrath.

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