Mary Magdalene’s Impact On Your Life: Message of the Week from the Third Mary

You may remember from previous conversations I have had with you that I chose to bring the Light through my rearing of the Lady Mary Magdalene as part of this mission. She was a very enlightened child, which does not mean she was omniscient or overly obedient. She was enlightened by knowing and living Truth as best she was able in each stage of her growing up. And she knew she would play a pivotal role in the path of the whole of humanity. When I chose to be her Mother, I knew she was a part of me whose Truth would live forever, though it would be hidden from public view for a very long time. That time has ended and a new time has begun, a time in which you are being asked to participate greatly.

I would like you to consider one thing—what would you be like if you had never known or even considered the power of the Divine Feminine? How would you perceive yourself and your planet? What would you do to create positive change? What kinds of outcomes would you be predicting?

Reprinted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright Roslyn McGrath, 2014.

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