Review by Flo Aeveia Magdalena, Author of I Remember Union

In The Third Mary, Roslyn McGrath captures the essence of the foundational wisdom that informs our souls throughout time, the truth of oneness. Knowing our oneness and bringing the truth of that knowing into the world makes it unnecessary for us to see ourselves as different or separate. We then share a common story, the evolution of our souls into union, Heaven on Earth.


Mary Magdalene’s mother, The Third Mary, states this as Heaven as Earth. This is a clear distinction, as she shows us in numerous ways how to bring heaven here to earth through shining our light and shining light for others. She supports both our humanness and our divinity, offering ways to bridge this distance through love, self-acceptance and the embodiment of our vibration of light, our divinity.


Mary brings us to a “new” sense of what this means—to participate fully in life as light. As light, we then sustain others’ lights. This lifts us all to the experience of grace where we remember our oneness and live in union—heaven as earth.


In fully acknowledging all aspects of the Divinity within us, we move beyond our sense of self “in order” to help co-create Heaven as Earth. Moving beyond our individuation brings order, the basis of our life here. We see ourselves more clearly as part of something larger and more whole. We discern then our part in the unfolding of the human experience of union. Mary’s mother says, “I assist you in doing so by acknowledging you as a part of who I am, and vice versa, such that we bond beyond either of our conscious knowing for the improvement of All-That-Is.”


Immersed in this reality of union, Mary guides each of us home to recognize our part in the co-creation of this reality of Heaven, here. Her deeply held knowing inspires us to realize that we are part of the Peace of a Million Years of Dreaming, and that our part in the unfolding makes this happen, makes it possible, makes it real.


Being part of the solution brings a sense of purpose and presence and lifts one to remember the dream we carry within us. There is a dream within each of us that points to realizing the dream of us all. When we immerse in Mary’s words and wisdoms and follow her clear and loving instruction, we feel personally acknowledged and deeply grateful that she sees us. She knows us. She remembers us, and she cares about us.


The Third Mary is an immersion experience, bringing us to all time and all worlds through a deeply held wisdom that embodies light, order, truth and union. These are just concepts until we each fully acknowledge that we are part of something greater and that creating something greater requests our full presence and participation.


We come to know Mary as a voice of reason and an integrous and honest spokesperson for the human and the divine. We are held in the spell of her words and her aura of wisdom as she shares the memories of her time and place. She guides us to act more wisely, understand more deeply and share more completely, the purpose of which is to see ourselves more clearly as part of something larger and more whole. We discern then our part in the unfolding of the human experience of union.

– Flo Aeveia Magdalena, author of I Remember Union,


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