Discover for yourself what the mother of a ground-breaking woman and spiritual adept has to tell you about the past, present and future, and how these messages can uplift your life!

The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene.

Written with bravery, integrity, honesty and heart, I find The Third Mary to be a gift to us all. No matter what your beliefs, you will be led to the place that many give little consideration to: your soul. I thank Roslyn McGrath for going so deep within herself to bring Mary the Elder forward. Her story is a treasure we’ve longed for. We eagerly await what she has to share with us next. – Joy Regina Melchezidek Founder and Executive Director of Tee-Shirts for Peace Author of . . . And God Woke Up (Rewriting My Story), Host of  Joy of Union, channel, teacher, and heart/soul facilitator

(Reprinted with permission from the foreword of The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, Roslyn McGrath, copyright 2014.)

Reading The Third Mary was incredible beyond words! It brought back my inner knowing of the unity, the Oneness of us all on such a deep, deep level! I had a huge emotional response that brought me to tears, it was so healing. – Barb Dupras, Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner

I find both The Third Mary and Goddess Heart Rising to be incredibly transformational every time I open them! I’ve had some very profound shifts since I began reading them and can feel the Triumvirate of Mary’s working through me in my healing energy now. …it’s just been so powerful, so expansive, and a very emotional experience for me. Even a Catholic family member is really getting into these books!

I want to very sincerely thank you for birthing these books into the world. I really believe they’ll be a key part of the transformation and awakening of so many. – Jennifer Howell, Energetic Healer, Astrology Student & Musician

 This is an awesome book; I love the way Roslyn has brought so many aspects of this time into perspective.  As an avid fan of books relating to the times and people around Jesus during His ministry, particularly the far-too-few books on Mary Magdalene, I find The Third Mary a real inspiration to people seeking the knowledge and wisdom of those who came before us, and who want to learn how to experience and apply Love and Light in their everyday lives. Thank you, Roslyn, for bringing this enlightening re-evaluation to our awareness; it is truly a wonderful experience. – Stephen O’Dell Jr.

The Third Mary is mother to all of us, encouraging our link to the divine and to the truest parts of ourselves. She is direct and strong in her revelations; Mary pulls no punches!

For those who want a channeled glimpse into the lives and natures of some of the most famous personages on earth, this is your book. For those whose yearnings go deeper, a quest into the genesis of unity and heaven on earth, this is your book.

Learning about the Third Mary is a journey into your own soul. – Nicole Walton, Public Radio News Director

It’s extremely powerful. It took my breath away, reading the words of one who participated in such incredible events. – Maria Formolo, author of Wise Woman’s Mandala Medicine: A Guided Journey of Self-Discovery

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