Gifts of Self-Knowledge

Imagine if it were a basic part of everyone’s upbringing to really gain a clear sense of themselves – to recognize their own energy/vibrational signature, as the Third Mary describes, know what they resonate with, how to best work with their own nature. Just think what that would bring to all personal relationships, never mind careers and recreation!

I think we are truly missing out on the gifts that so many have to offer, but have not yet revealed to themselves, and that anything we can do to further our own authentic self-knowledge and self-trust, to become more fully present and participating here, is invaluable.

In my own life, LaHo-Chi, Dowsing for Health, Happiness & Harmony, Circuitry Alignment and Soul Body Fusion are some of the things that have assisted me this way. And now I have the honor to be able to share them with others, including with a new LaHo-Chi & Angel Light Training next month!

There is so much beauty in this world, and so much we can share with ourselves and one another, as we uncover and express more of authentic being and its Light, bringing the experience of Heaven to Earth.

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Just Past the Last Place On Earth . . .

This weekend, Fri., Aug. 8th – Sun. Aug. 10th, the People’s Fair will take place in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. I’ve attended most of the last 20 years that it’s been running, originally on the grounds of New World Books, the shop owned by its creators, Glenn and Bob, in Houghton, then on the property of Pat Hendricks in Baraga, and after a few years hiatus, behind Prospector’s Paradise, just north of Calumet, where it continues.

Having a group of people come together for the purpose of healing is always powerful. And the laid-back, beautiful outdoor setting this event has always had, combined with the good intentions of all involved, and the strength of the bonding over the years, makes it even more powerful, more healing, more miraculous in many ways.

Each year is a unique experience for me. I so look forward to seeing those who’ve grown dear to me over the years, who I typically see just this one time a year, and to those wonderful souls I’ll meet in this year’s grand new adventure.

Much thanks to Alex & Darlene Fogatti and their daughter Charla for all the hard work and care they put in to making this a great event, and to all who are adding their beautiful energy and efforts to it.

And I’m looking forward to sharing my new books here, The Third Mary and Goddess Heart Rising as well as related channeling, guidance sessions, Goddess prints, LaHo-Chi healing and Light Activation Bodywork.

There will be Lectures, Healers, Readings, Crystals . . . lots of Vendors selling all sorts of things like Drums & Unique Percussion Instruments, Jewelry, Clothing, Candles, Books, Homemade Jams, and more!

Would love to see you there If you can join us! 3 miles north of Calumet, just past The Last Place On Earth (I kid you not!), in back of Prospector’s Paradise (amazing) Rock Shop, 59691 US 41 North.
 $5 Admission for the Weekend. Children under 12 Free. Free Parking. Call for Darlene or Alex at (906) 337-6889, Charla at 906-369-4601 for more info.

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And if you FOLLOW, you’ll be entered to WIN A FREE COPY of both The Third Mary & Goddess Heart Rising when we reach 100 followers there!

LaHo-Chi Is An Answer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt seems to me that everything the Third Mary described in my previous post as so imperative to do is facilitated through LaHo-Chi.

LaHo-Chi is a form of energetic healing that works with all of the energy systems of your body, mind and spirit – chakras, meridians, electric flows and more. It’s a comprehensive system of healing in which a blueprint for perfect health is invoked, and the Higher Self of the recipient draws through the appropriate amount in the appropriate way for the person at that time.

This energy comes through at the superconscious level, that which is considered closest to Source within our personal energy field, and from there to our other levels, so it tends to bring a sense of Oneness and Divine Love in the healing process of its deeply relaxing, high vibration.

Last weekend, I initiated several women into this practice. What a blessing to see how quickly and easily they became able to access and share this profound energy, clear old traumas and patterns, and bring themselves and their unique gifts more fully present here!

I first began sharing LaHo-Chi training in November 2000, and the last LaHo-Chi training I’d facilitated was in spring of 2011. The night before last weekend’s training, I had a call from a woman interested in organizing another such training in her area later this year. Perhaps the next wave has begun. 

I know the LaHo-Chi energy has played an important role in my ability to bring my own gifts forward, including channeling the messages of The Third Mary. And how empowering it is  to know I have this energy-shifter literally at my fingertips, regardless of outer circumstances.

So I’ve decided the first 5 people who contact me for an LaHo-Chi session,  in-person or remote, will receive a 50% discount.

Just email me your name, town and state at, or private message me at, and we can make the arrangements.

May all the miraculous ripples continue, as we continue to grow in love, peace and joy together!

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And if you FOLLOW, you’ll be entered to WIN A FREE COPY of both The Third Mary & Goddess Heart Rising when we reach 100 followers there!

More On Union

Experiencing oneself as an integral part of the whole is a great feeling, and something I believe we all yearn for.

Every bit of peace we experience brings us closer to this state.

Last night I facilitated a LaHo-Chi Circle, which offers a sample of this healing energy to a group.

It smoothed energy in and around us, and helped bring movement to some old energetic blocks – an opening, a beginning, an opportunity for more healing to continue to flow.

I saw bodies relax, breath deepen, faces smooth; felt energy being absorbed, moving and shifting energy patterns toward greater peace and harmony.

It’s a profound gift to have this kind of tool readily available. I’m so grateful to my teachers and to their teachers and to all who have helped support this energy’s accessibility to us.

Utilizing the LaHo-Chi energy has not only allowed me to facilitate more healing for myself and others, it’s also one of the factors which helped bring forward my ability to channel, eventually leading to my receiving the messages of The Third Mary.

Next month I will train more people to be able to access the LaHo-Chi and Angel Light energy for themselves and others, something I was first led to do in 2000, and more and more people will be able to benefit from this gift, this beautiful tool that brings more love, light and wisdom, more opportunities for experiencing Oneness and Divine Love, to the Earth plane.

It’s deeply satisfying to be able to share this gift, and to continue to learn and grow with it.

Thank you, All.


How I Learned to Channel, Part 2 of 4

campanulasTo heal from a health challenge, I’d had to explore my previously unbeknownst to me spirituality, and discover energetic healing.

When I learned LaHo-Chi
(which stands for love, light and wisdom moving through the horizontal/Earth plan to work with your chi/life force energy), it brought this type of ability forward.

When the LaHo-Chi energy is invoked, the facilitator moves quickly and easily into a state of expanded perception, in which visions and/or messages for oneself and/or the recipient of the healing session may become available.

LaHo-Chi energy is also known for helping to bringing one’s natural psychic gifts forward.

I experienced visions and messages pretty much every time, and frankly, I wasn’t very comfortable with this, being anxious about perceiving, remembering and conveying these messages and visions correctly.

Then a fellow healer came over to receive one of my “practice sessions.”

To be quite blunt, he came in whining – not about any particular complaint, but of life in general.

He quickly relaxed into the session, however, and all proceeded as usual. Including my experience of inner images and messages.

In this case, I saw a “Charlie The Tuna”-like cartoon figure who clearly said, “Quit your whining!”

Now how could I deliver this message that seemed so offensive and that I agreed with?

Please check in tomorrow for my next post on How I Learned to Channel.

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