Gifts of Self-Knowledge

Imagine if it were a basic part of everyone’s upbringing to really gain a clear sense of themselves – to recognize their own energy/vibrational signature, as the Third Mary describes, know what they resonate with, how to best work with their own nature. Just think what that would bring to all personal relationships, never mind careers and recreation!

I think we are truly missing out on the gifts that so many have to offer, but have not yet revealed to themselves, and that anything we can do to further our own authentic self-knowledge and self-trust, to become more fully present and participating here, is invaluable.

In my own life, LaHo-Chi, Dowsing for Health, Happiness & Harmony, Circuitry Alignment and Soul Body Fusion are some of the things that have assisted me this way. And now I have the honor to be able to share them with others, including with a new LaHo-Chi & Angel Light Training next month!

There is so much beauty in this world, and so much we can share with ourselves and one another, as we uncover and express more of authentic being and its Light, bringing the experience of Heaven to Earth.

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