LaHo-Chi Is An Answer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt seems to me that everything the Third Mary described in my previous post as so imperative to do is facilitated through LaHo-Chi.

LaHo-Chi is a form of energetic healing that works with all of the energy systems of your body, mind and spirit – chakras, meridians, electric flows and more. It’s a comprehensive system of healing in which a blueprint for perfect health is invoked, and the Higher Self of the recipient draws through the appropriate amount in the appropriate way for the person at that time.

This energy comes through at the superconscious level, that which is considered closest to Source within our personal energy field, and from there to our other levels, so it tends to bring a sense of Oneness and Divine Love in the healing process of its deeply relaxing, high vibration.

Last weekend, I initiated several women into this practice. What a blessing to see how quickly and easily they became able to access and share this profound energy, clear old traumas and patterns, and bring themselves and their unique gifts more fully present here!

I first began sharing LaHo-Chi training in November 2000, and the last LaHo-Chi training I’d facilitated was in spring of 2011. The night before last weekend’s training, I had a call from a woman interested in organizing another such training in her area later this year. Perhaps the next wave has begun. 

I know the LaHo-Chi energy has played an important role in my ability to bring my own gifts forward, including channeling the messages of The Third Mary. And how empowering it is  to know I have this energy-shifter literally at my fingertips, regardless of outer circumstances.

So I’ve decided the first 5 people who contact me for an LaHo-Chi session,  in-person or remote, will receive a 50% discount.

Just email me your name, town and state at, or private message me at, and we can make the arrangements.

May all the miraculous ripples continue, as we continue to grow in love, peace and joy together!

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