Just Past the Last Place On Earth . . .

This weekend, Fri., Aug. 8th – Sun. Aug. 10th, the People’s Fair will take place in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. I’ve attended most of the last 20 years that it’s been running, originally on the grounds of New World Books, the shop owned by its creators, Glenn and Bob, in Houghton, then on the property of Pat Hendricks in Baraga, and after a few years hiatus, behind Prospector’s Paradise, just north of Calumet, where it continues.

Having a group of people come together for the purpose of healing is always powerful. And the laid-back, beautiful outdoor setting this event has always had, combined with the good intentions of all involved, and the strength of the bonding over the years, makes it even more powerful, more healing, more miraculous in many ways.

Each year is a unique experience for me. I so look forward to seeing those who’ve grown dear to me over the years, who I typically see just this one time a year, and to those wonderful souls I’ll meet in this year’s grand new adventure.

Much thanks to Alex & Darlene Fogatti and their daughter Charla for all the hard work and care they put in to making this a great event, and to all who are adding their beautiful energy and efforts to it.

And I’m looking forward to sharing my new books here, The Third Mary and Goddess Heart Rising as well as related channeling, guidance sessions, Goddess prints, LaHo-Chi healing and Light Activation Bodywork.

There will be Lectures, Healers, Readings, Crystals . . . lots of Vendors selling all sorts of things like Drums & Unique Percussion Instruments, Jewelry, Clothing, Candles, Books, Homemade Jams, and more!

Would love to see you there If you can join us! 3 miles north of Calumet, just past The Last Place On Earth (I kid you not!), in back of Prospector’s Paradise (amazing) Rock Shop, 59691 US 41 North.
 $5 Admission for the Weekend. Children under 12 Free. Free Parking. Call for Darlene or Alex at (906) 337-6889, Charla at 906-369-4601 for more info.

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Angels, Archetypes & More

WINI have to say, I had a great time as Cyndi Silva’s guest on the Wisdom & Intuition Network’s Wisdom Wednesday yesterday, talking about Angels, Archetypes & More.

Cyndi facilitated the conversation in such a lovely, laid-back, highly perceptive and intuitive way that helped bring it to a high level, as did the quality of the questions from listeners, and the responses I channeled from the Third Mary.

If you’re curious about how to get to know your angels better, hybrid angels, how you can receive more angelic support, changes happening  in the human species, the Third Mary’s angelic visitation, how Goddess Heart Rising came to be and more, listen to the recording at http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=57397503.

Be sure to listen through to the end, where you’ll find a special offer for listeners of the show only!

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Live, Interactive Broadcast – July 9th!

I’m very happy to announce that I’ll be on the WIN – Wisdom & Intuition Network’s “Wisdom Wednesday Show” this week, discussing Angels, Archetypes & More: Accessing the Divine In You & For You.

This is a live, interactive show, available free of charge, discussing key elements of my newly released books, The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, and Goddess Heart Rising: Paintings, Poems & Meditations for Activating Your Divine Potential, and my angelic guidance and spirit helper readings, including a special message channeled live, all focused on turning life challenges into improvements.

Listeners will also receive info. on a special offer for my books and services!

So please join host Cyndi Silva and me this Weds., July 9th at 3pm EST, Noon PST!

By phone, call (425) 440-5100, and use PIN Code: 753491#

On the Internet, visit http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=57397503.

With many blessings,

Roslyn Elena McGrath

Message for the Week from The Third Mary: Publicity, Pro & Con

I am, as you are now aware, “the Third Mary.”

I have been mainly hidden from public awareness ’til now to purpose.

I am diligent in striving for the vision of Union for which my daughter, the Lady Mary Magdalene and her husband, Jesus the Christ, devoted their lives and essences. I have found my way to be in keeping with the Essene enclaves of yore, in which you utilized everything at your disposal with the least possible public presence, in order to avoid the resistance that may come from certain personality types to one’s own, and to downplay any attempts to “pedestalize” the doer, i.e. put them above oneself, glorifying all their activities, which ultimately is a function of such ones’ egos, seeking to borrow glory through association with the glorified one and to increase their own reputations by how well they aggrandize this one, rather than seeking and recognizing the Kingdom Within and the Divine birthright of All. Now, in this time of great awakening, the soul seeds of many are opening up and there is less “cult of the Divine,” and increasing knowledge of the Kingdom Within.

You are well-placed to receive my knowing, insights and points of view because you embody this aspect of neutrality, understanding yourself as neither “greater than” or “less than” so well, and because it is time for you to come more fully into public awareness from this ego-free space, so you may bring my Truths forward with fullness, along with many of the other gifts and potentials you carry.

I ask for your patience with the continued gradual unfoldment of my tale. It is laced with many opportunities for greater awakening, and as this is our purpose, there is no point in rushing to its conclusion and stripping much of such away, is there?

Reprinted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright 2014, Roslyn McGrath.

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Message for the Week from The Third Mary

I am here today to share with you a little bit about the “Mary” factor.

I have titled myself The Third Mary, not chronologically, as you know, but in regards to public awareness. I am still the progenitor of the Lady Mary Magdalene, who precedes me in being sought for assistance and inspiration, and now is better known due to her relatively controversial nature, relative to how others see her, that is.

I am quite sure she finds herself sought after by some more for notoriety’s sake than for purely spiritual interest, however I will not dwell upon that today. She is a shining light whose willingness to be clear, available, and serve throughout the Universe is unmatched by any before her. And she is participating now in her assistance with human evolution at this time in many powerful ways.

Ask yourself, the next time you recognize your ability to stand strong in who you are, regardless of what any others might think, not with strands of martyrdom, “better than” or outrage, “Who set the stage for this in the world? Who set the precedent so clearly that I know I am not alone in this aspect of Creation? Who set an example so strong I can draw upon it at any time?”

It was the pair of them – the Lady Mary Magdalene and Jesus the Christ. though clearly Jesus’s story has been altered to emphasize his suffering and therefore, his martyrdom, this came only after the fact. His immortal soul chose his path and his human willingness carried it through, despite the hardships he encountered. It was the same for my daughter, the Lady Mary Magdalene.

Reprinted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Message for Empowering Peace, Truth & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright Roslyn McGrath, 2014.

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More On Union

Experiencing oneself as an integral part of the whole is a great feeling, and something I believe we all yearn for.

Every bit of peace we experience brings us closer to this state.

Last night I facilitated a LaHo-Chi Circle, which offers a sample of this healing energy to a group.

It smoothed energy in and around us, and helped bring movement to some old energetic blocks – an opening, a beginning, an opportunity for more healing to continue to flow.

I saw bodies relax, breath deepen, faces smooth; felt energy being absorbed, moving and shifting energy patterns toward greater peace and harmony.

It’s a profound gift to have this kind of tool readily available. I’m so grateful to my teachers and to their teachers and to all who have helped support this energy’s accessibility to us.

Utilizing the LaHo-Chi energy has not only allowed me to facilitate more healing for myself and others, it’s also one of the factors which helped bring forward my ability to channel, eventually leading to my receiving the messages of The Third Mary.

Next month I will train more people to be able to access the LaHo-Chi and Angel Light energy for themselves and others, something I was first led to do in 2000, and more and more people will be able to benefit from this gift, this beautiful tool that brings more love, light and wisdom, more opportunities for experiencing Oneness and Divine Love, to the Earth plane.

It’s deeply satisfying to be able to share this gift, and to continue to learn and grow with it.

Thank you, All.