Daydream for Paradise: Message for the Week from the Third Mary

starIt is good to allow oneself to dream, envision, positively.

One of your gifts, a gift of all human beings, is the gift of imagination. And to empower yourself to use it POSITIVELY!!!

While is it normal to picture negative possibilities, and helpful to a degree in creating positive outcomes, it would behoove you ALL to DAYDREAM POSITIVELY more often!

You have so MUCH potential in your world and to allow yourselves to envision it positively is SO important, healing, and helpful.

Wrap yourself in the stuff of stardust and envelop your world with POWERFUL POSSIBLE PROGRAMS exuding the energies that reflect your Heavenly Nature and it will accelerate the process of creating Heaven on Earth NOW!

You will find yourself tuning in to these positive visions more and more frequently as they crowd your “Earth radio stations,” as they become a prevalent factor in the thought field suffusing your time/space reality.

There is MUCH power to impart here, and the more you enlist your services to imagine positive Earth stories, the more the energies of these stories will come to influence Earth’s next phase of growth.

We can create a Heavenly experience, we can birth a new Earth Story, together.

Namaste to All, and Many Blessings of Love and Happiness.

I am Mary of Niza, the Third Mary, Mother of the Lady Mary Magdalene, and Speaker of Truth Beyond All Worlds of Imagining!

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