Re-Membering and the Triumvirate of Marys

Still, I forget. Forget that I am not in this “alone,” forget that I can call on my spiritual crew to assist me with anything, forget that the Triumvirate of Marys is available to all of us, all the time.

Today, rereading the excerpt I posted yesterday from The Third Mary, I remember. I remember all is well. I remember I don’t have to muddle through what’s uncomfortable for me. I remember there is assistance available to me, and that I can give up my picture of how something usually goes and how I usually feel about it, to discover what Divine support shows me instead.

Today is a new beginning, a time to recommit to applying this remembrance as much as I can, because it brings me peace. I can feel fully supported in what I choose to take action on, or realize it’s time for me to make a different choice.

Whenever I read the Third Mary’s words about key players from Biblical times, I feel uplifted. Especially in those rare passages where she speaks of Jesus’s mother Mary. Her energy is so sweet, and clear, so loving and available.

The description of the Triumvirate of Marys is one of my favorites too, because the way they fit together, their cohesion, strength and comprehensiveness as a unit is so palpable to me. It’s just so real.

It’s time for me to tap into feeling their strength and compassion, their love, power and support more frequently. It’s time for me to re-member more fully who I am.

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