Message for the Week on Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day

When the Lady Mary Magdalene was but a girl, she revealed to me her substance through her voice, her language, her presence, as well as her choices. She came from the womb more awakened than most and lived out her purpose most grandly. I suspect she may have wished for less intensity to it at times, but her awareness was too strong for her to deny any of her soul’s calling.

She was, and is, of noble stature. Hence she is the Lady Mary Magdalene, throughout all worlds. And she was given this title lately to assure those who are now recognizing her nature that it is such.

Whenever you choose to call upon her, she will assist you to assert your territory, claim your space, witness your vicissitudes and respond with great integrity to your soul’s design. She can help you to heal at all levels and to recognize your purpose more plainly.

She and I and sweet Jesus of Nazareth’s mother, the Triumvirate of Marys, may be called upon as a group to help you restore your confidence in the nature of your coming times, the Great Awakening, the fulfillment of the promise of the Peace of a Million Years Dreaming.

Whenever you call upon we three, you will know your own Divinity’s flow through you more thoroughly, and are empowered to act upon your Highest knowing of this in your world. I can assure you that each one of us is available to each one of you individually/solo, and in tandem with the others.

And we are part of who you are in the world. We help you become more of your Divine Identity. We share your sorrows and fortunes, for it is understood that we are in Oneness with you.

And we can assist you in all your efforts to realize, to actualize, your soul’s nature here on Earth. Whenever you pull together with us, you are fruitful. And in the Grand Design, you are offered many options for achieving your goal, such that all are interwoven possibilities that pull the cord for revealing more and more of your true substance and its glorious relationship to the Creation of Heaven on Earth.

Reprinted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace and Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright 2014, Roslyn McGrath.

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