More On Our Evening with the Third Mary

Mo-Ray Angelica
copyright Roslyn McGrath

The energy was crackling-strong during my channeling of the Third Mary last week. One of her points that stood out to me in particular, the kind of thing where it’s not so much the words themselves, but the magnitude of how clearly and fully their significance is received, was declaring to us that “Everything counts. EVERYTHING!

It seemed plain to me that she meant it’s not just the things we consider big or significant that count, but the energy we bring to each moment of our lives, each activity, each thought and word. In other words, it’s not the “what” so much as the “how” that truly impacts our world.

I will be channeling the Third Mary for a group in Tucson, Arizona this March, when Joy Regina Melchezidek and I will be offering a series of events for Illuminating Your Inner Shaman. I so look forward to discovering what she’ll share with us then!

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