New Year’s Message from the Third Mary

Dear Hearts,

Now is the time of your rising freedom – freedom from servitude to your lower self, freed from servitude to the thoughts and opinions of others, freedom from issues that have bogged you down, held you back from moving forward in the past.

You have come to this moment through your own willingness to understand enlightenment not as an achievement, not as a thing to be possessed and hopefully maintained, but as an action that leads to further actions and so on, actions that lift your spirit and those of others.

Whenever you expect to create a particular result through your actions, you miss the point. The intended result is simply the impetus, the catalyst, to flowing a particular quality of energy, a particular vibrational reality, that leads to new and ultimately uplifiting states of being.

You are poised at the threshold of delivering such experiences to yourself more and more frequently. And all the Universe applauds your capacity and choice to do so.

May you experience the exhilaration of your own wondrous ride of en-lightening throughout your day, month, year, living and reality.

Namaste and many blessings to you. I am with you all-ways in Truth, Hope, Freedom and Lovingness.

Mary of Niza, mother of the Lady Mary Magdalene, Truth-Speaker Throughout and Beyond All Time, known to many of you as the Third Mary

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