Our Evening with the Third Mary

Matriarchal Madonna, copyright R. McGrath
Matriarchal Madonna, copyright R. McGrath

Well, we did it! The first live group event focused solely on sharing teachings from the Third Mary, mother of Mary Magdalene, was held last night. And what a night it was! Channeled messages, great questions, energy, clarity and a full run-through of the Original Connection Re-Memberance process with the group, finishing up with chanting and percussion!

Some powerful frequencies to assist our evolution into Heaven on Earth were anchored! Many thanks to all who participated as well as those who held energy for this from afar.

If you would like to experience the Third Mary’s energy 1:1, whether in person or by phone, channeled guidance sessions with her and the Original Connection Re-Memberance process are available. You can also organize a group event in your area.

I hope you are enjoying the book excerpts I am sharing in my blog posts. Please feel free to post or email me with any questions or comments.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful season of activating your light, and a most magical, magnificent 2015 & beyond!

Roslyn Elena McGrath

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