Expansiveness & Overwhelm

The Message of the Week from The Third Mary discusses overwhelm, and not staying “small.”

How do you support your own expansiveness?

How do you deal with overwhelm?

For me, the expansiveness is sometimes by fits and starts. I may take a few steps forward, then need to let things sit a bit. But basically, when I allow myself to just truly be, the expansion arises naturally.

Overwhelm comes when I have too much expectation, lack of balance, lack of order, see myself as smaller than my tasks/choices/ situation, etc. And it eases as I bring my attention back to the basics, focusing on one thing at a time, allowing myself to call on the assistance I require, break down tasks or goals that seem huge into appropriate next steps.

I think when we realize how much assistance is available to us, we can relax into being our true selves and trusting our positive possibilities.

Today I had the joy of being interviewed on “Joy of Union,” with Joy Regina Melchezidek and T.J. Ryan, which will be posted next week on http://www.joyofunion.podbean.com and http://www.outthere.podbean.com, and tonight at 10 pm Eastern I’ll be part of a live broadcast on “Voices of the Sacred Feminine” with Karen Tate. (You can call in at 718-766-4662, or listen @ www.blogtalkradio.com/voicesofthesacredfeminine.)

And I can just enjoy them, go with the flow, because they’re about the material in my books, Goddess Heart Rising and The Third Mary, and the energies that engendered them, energies that support me in the process of being who I am and encouraging others to do the same.

And I am so grateful for discovering my connection with these aspects of who we all are in our larger selves, and for these opportunities to share them with more and more people.

So I am napping between shows, eating good food, enjoying my husband and canine companion, and following the flow.

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Uncovering Our Truths of Biblical Times

What is the real story of biblical times?

And why do more and more of us question the version that was handed to us?

Although I was not searching for anything of the kind, at least not consciously, when I received my first copy of I Remember Union, I was immediately enthralled. I could feel its truth reverberate through all of me, especially the description of the women’s coven’s activities. I felt all of me respond, “Yes, yes, this is true!”

And fifteen or so years later, this has led to my receiving even more of what my being finds true, through taking down the messages of The Third Mary.

It’s a great feeling, and even more wonderful to be able to share these messages with others, to hopefully bring them closer to their own truths.

Last week, a woman who had just finished reading The Third Mary looked me soulfully in the eyes. She told me she’d always felt as if a part of herself was missing, and that reading this book has given her the link to it.

Who knows what more will come forth from her now?

Flo Aeveia Magdalena
Flo Aeveia Magdalena

It’s very meaningful to me to have Flo Aeveia Magdalena tell me that reading The Third Mary reminded her of her own experience of receiving the visions that led to I Remember Union.

In a wonderful interview by Joy Regina Melchezidek on June 10, 2014 at www.joyofunion.podbean.com, Flo Aeveia reveals things she never has before about this process and time.

And she’s written beautifully about the significance of The Third Mary, for which I am so grateful.

Who know what listening to and reading such retellings might lead to for you?

I believe all of us, and all the multi-layered aspects of ourselves are needed, called, to play a part in moving the evolution of our planet forward, and that each of us has a piece of the puzzle, an understanding of a larger Truth that may benefit many, as we trigger the positive ripples that ignite the spark in ourselves and one another.

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And if you FOLLOW  http://www.facebook.com/roslynmcgrathbooks.com/you’ll be entered to WIN A FREE COPY of both The Third Mary & Goddess Heart Rising when we reach 100 followers there!