If You Can’t See/Feel/Taste/Touch It, Is It There?

The excerpt I shared from The Third Mary in my previous blog post explains that

“Historically, the human creation was able to access the Unseen Realms more easily overall in the past. Now the veils are lifting and freedom of exchange has vastly increased. You know when you communicate with the other side, as it is called, that you have allowed yourself to open more fully to the non-physical, and it is well you do so, for you must fully acknowledge all aspects of Divinity within and beyond your sense of self in order to help co-create Heaven on Earth.”

All of the physical world has “non-physical” aspects, as non-physical simply refers to what we humans are typically able to perceive with our 5 senses.  Similarly, that fact that a dog sees only red, black and white does not mean there are no other colors to be perceived.

The more aware of the Universe we become, the more fully we become players in it, and the more consciously we can experience our life and the creation of our true desires.

For truly vibrant health and well being, greater awareness of our “non-physical” aspects are required.

A couple of months ago, I felt compelled to begin channeling the chakras, in order to provide more direct information to attendees of an upcoming class, rather than referring to resources written by others.

It started by asking “What do the chakras want us to know about them?”

This has led to the creation of an entire book, Chakras Alive! Exploring & Expanding Your Inner Rainbow, to help you develop a more personal, visceral experience of your chakras and their potential.

Each section has 7 parts – a drawing and poem, both designed to activate the particular chakra; a message and meditation from the over-lighting energy of the chakra itself; questions to consider regarding its main themes; an energy exercise to support the chakra; and a list of additional ways to nourish it.

Each section goes beyond healing to truly expand the capacity of each chakra and catalyze your evolution.

Besides the 7 main chakras, 2 additional ones are covered – the Wholeness and Earth Star chakras. And a final section is included on Putting It All Together, with information on how all of the chakras are involved in your health, career, sex life and finances, and a special closing meditation.

I have learned a ton through this, including new information on the Infinite Freeway connecting each chakra with all of your past, future and parallel lifetimes. And I am much more conscious of the chakras and my personal chakra system.

I am very excited about the prospect of sharing Chakras Alive! with you! The manuscript is currently being reviewed by several readers I’ve selected to give feedback. I anticipate publication being complete by mid-April, possibly sooner.

If you’d like to keep up with new information about and excerpts from this book, you may want to follow me at www.EmpoweringLightworks.com, as I will keep this blog focused primarily on the Third Mary.

Namaste & many blessings to you! And may 2015 be your most fantastic year yet!

Roslyn Elena McGrath

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2 thoughts on “If You Can’t See/Feel/Taste/Touch It, Is It There?

  1. How awesome is this?! I’m so excited to read your new book, and the upcoming workshop sounds wonderful, too. I was just reading a very powerful section in “I Remember Union” about connection with the Earth/unseen and manifestation last night…seems this ties right in to what I’m wanting to create in my own life!

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