What Is Held In My Heart that I Desire to Blossom Forth?

This is one of many questions asked by the Third Mary that I shared in the excerpt found in my last post, and the one that most held my attention.

It’s an important question to come back to regularly, as we continue to change and grow.

The blossoming of my relationship with the Third Mary continues, leading from taking down her dictation, to book creation and publishing, to book readings, blogging and offering channeled guidance sessions with her, to being learning and sharing Original Connection Rememberance, to a deepening awareness of our energy system, which is leading to some new trainings and events.

And there is more painting and writing yet to do as well!

I love going with a free flow of time, following where my interest leads, as opposed to focusing on the clock, and today, (Halloween 2014!) is a great opportunity for me to do that.

How about you? What is held in your heart that you desire to blossom forth today and in the future?

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