Message for the Week from the Third Mary

I come to you through the Star Language. I am a star on many levels, coagulating materials into many shifts and phases to burn brightly and support new forms of life. I am unobstructed and orbiting my galaxy’s center. I know my ability is mainly to support the potential of the Universe to reshape itself to Earthly demands, and I like the view this brings.

If you desire faster change, accelerated transition into the new times, ask yourself, “What am I afraid of not doing?

What means more to me than the typical daily routines of living?

How do I define my character? What aspects do I most prefer to choose to bring forth?

How can I allow greater joy, ease and harmony to flow through me?

What do I need to trust in order to accomplish my most meaningful goals?

What is held in my heart that I desire to blossom forth?

Who are my relations?

How can I serve all better? What must I do next in service to all of this, while maintaining my responsibilities to my prior and most integritous, i.e. true-to-myself commitments?

Am I merely following the social dictates as I perceive them from my time and culture, or am I truly giving my authentic dreams a chance to live and breathe?

Am I nurturing the Truth within myself and all others?

Am I living my dream-following?

Am I whole right now, just as I am?

Can that be considered a matter, a vibrational level, of perception?

What are the hallmarks of living in Truth?

Shall I carry them forward or leave them behind?

What makes me want to live my Truth?

What burdens am I willing to disallow in order to do so?

Why do I hesitate in this? Is there a purpose in doing so, or am I just extending my own fears in order to justify my lack of activity on my own behalf?

I am considered a harbinger of Truth and a Show-er of the Way and a gleaner of all that is worthwhile in this Universe.

I am extremely comforted by knowing that more souls are awakening to the Truths that lie within them each and every day. I mean this quite literally. You have no idea how much growth and opportunity for development is enveloping your world right now. The Armies of Light, as some would call them, are beyond your conscious knowing, and their impact is being felt in many ways. You will soon know a Rebirth of Light upon your planet beyond the expectations of All.

I know this Truth may not seem believable now, but it soon will, and you will experience the heights of Bliss/Freedom/Love!!!!!!!

Reprinted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace and Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright 2014, Roslyn McGrath

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