About Help Being on the Way

Help is always on the way. It may not always look the way we imagined it, or in the time frame we prefer, but the more we’re open to it, the more readily we can connect with it.

That’s not the desperate wanting of it, necessarily, though I’ve experienced that kind of miracle as well, but being in the place of feeling that yes, this is possible; yes I can imagine feeling better; yes, I actually do feel somewhat better considering this possibility;

as well as the eyes-on-the-prize “yes, the resolution is what’s coming down the pike; this is where I’m focusing my attention; this is what I’m feeling flowing through me now, even though the externals appear the same at the moment.

I’ve heard it said that if things appear negative, it’s because the story isn’t over yet. I believe that’s true.

Sometimes great persistence is required to work with oneself, to lean toward the positive, when we are unhappy with a current situation. So everything that can help us to feel more centered and balanced becomes even more meaningful.

That’s one of the reasons I’m so looking forward to sharing an energetic healing training this weekend.

I believe we all need tools to help us work with our own energy, to balance, soothe, reconnect with aspects of ourselves, accelerate self-healing and prevent increased dis-ease, so we can live our lives more fully and capably.

And it’s a wonderful gift to be able to assist others with their energy too. All with natural abilities that are literally available at our fingertips, intention and know-how.

Energetic healing is simple to learn. It’s natural to us.

It’s simply that our culture has taught us some very unnatural things, and that many of us have come, or returned, to such abilities later in life.

Recently, the Third Mary has been showing me some energy work she says is similar to what they used to do in her coven, during her lifetime as Mary Magdalene’s mother. She says it’s an updated version.

I’ve experienced this work within myself and begun sharing it, Original Connection Re-Memberance, (OCR) with others.

It helps us to connect more fully with our Original Light, the specific, individual facet  of Source from which we first came forth, and our particular, individual connection to the Core of Mother Earth.

It builds a stronger connection, a place for greater flow and communication of energies, between Heaven and Earth through our being, as part of our larger Galactic Citizenship.

It makes me feel stronger in my sense of purposefulness and ability to implement it in this dimension.

I feel this deep within me. And I really like how that feels.

I look forward to showing others how to facilitate OCR on themselves as part of An Evening with the Third Mary on December 22, 2014, which will also include a brief reading from The Third Mary, and a new channeled message from her.

Please feel free to contact me (info@intuitivelearningcreations.com) if you’d like to experience a session in person or remotely, as well as if you’d like more information on the December event.

And in the meantime, please know that help is always on the way.

All the very best to you!

In Love & Light,

Roslyn Elena McGrath

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