Review by Author of I Remember Union, Flo Aeveia Magdalena

facilitator_flo_aeveia_magdalenaInĀ The Third Mary, Roslyn McGrath captures the essence of the foundational wisdom that informs our souls throughout time, the truth of oneness. Knowing our oneness and bringing the truth of that knowing into the world makes it unnecessary for us to see ourselves as different or separate. Read more . . .


Mother’s Day Message from the Third Mary

"Matriarchal Madonna," copyright Roslyn McGrath, 2013
“Matriarchal Madonna,” copyright Roslyn McGrath, 2013

It is a blessing to be a mother. And a challenge. No matter whether your child looms large on the world stage or no, from the time he or she leaves the womb, a delicate dance is required between engagement and letting go. Nevertheless, it is a most wondrous thing to be able to birth and nurture a child, or indeed a project with which one is eminently soul connected. And so long is there as Creation, there will be creation and pro-creation, ad infinitum.

May all your birthings bring you great joy, and recognition of the honor of your own part in the Oneness.

I remain, as always, The Third Mary, Mother of the Lady Mary Magdalene, daughter of Niza. And I am loving each one of you, forever and all-ways.