My Positive Daydream

handshakeOne of my positive daydreams is experiencing the world as a place where working together to resolve issues and challenges is so much the norm that people are shocked to see someone take sides or try to create “separate camps,” because working toward unified, overall goals has become the expectation.

In this world, we greatly appreciate the different perspectives, approaches, talents and skills that others bring to the table. We are thrilled that this is enriching the incredible smorgasbord of life, and giving each of us the opportunity to expand our way of perceiving it.

We look forward to our time with others and on our own to continue to soak in the wealth of experiences and possibilities that this Universe offers us.

And we treat ourselves and one another with kindness, knowing that even when we do not understand the motivations behind someone else’s or our own actions, we are all still part of a Greater Whole, a unified source, that we cannot fully comprehend from a human perspective.

Because of our great respect and appreciation for one another, the freedom and confidence to develop individual talents and skills is nourished, and we each receive the incredible benefits of what all the individuals of our world have to offer.

And this wealth is continually expanding, as we each continue to grow our abilities and perspectives, allowing our natural creativity, resourcefulness and talents to lead the way.

I am very fortunate to be living in this time and place, where so much positive potential is preparing to pop!

Please feel free to share your own positive daydreams below.

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