Trust & the Power of Commitment to Positive Change

I have to say, I don’t always completely trust the process of change.

I’m probably something of a “fair weather trust-er,” doubting its ultimate results when the change comes in a form different than I envisioned, or the process is uncomfortable.

It’s uncomfortable right now; turns out my injured foot has a fracture.

I’m grateful for the “moon boot” that’s helping me get around better than I have for the last two weeks and making sure my foot heals properly. And I’m grateful to have more support for this healing process.

And I’m glad I’ve cleared a bunch of emotional goo-ga that’s come up since the injury occurred.

But I have moments of unreasonable pessimism about it at times, as well as of feeling sorry for myself.

Yet underneath it all, I know it’s leading to greater strength and wholeness.

Always, I’d like this process to be easier.

And at the same time, I know some go through much more challenging health issues in their process of achieving greater unity and integration.

I am so grateful for all the assistance I’m receiving. And I am calling in more grace, more allowing, and even more support for this healing, on all levels.

Last summer, when a dear friend, upon hearing of my close connection with Mary Magdalene’s mother, suggested I communicate with her, find out her story, I was VERY resistant.

The degree of emotion I felt when I would sense this connection seemed so overwhelming, so intense that I didn’t want to go there.

And yet, I began hearing her voice in my head almost immediately.

Within a week’s time, I committed myself to taking down the messages that Mary Magdalene’s mother wanted to share with us.

This resulted not only in the gifts of The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace, but also of clearing up my discomfort in connecting with her, and accessing much more of myself.

I am much more fully present here now, which is an incredible and great gift; one I would have missed had I not made the commitment I did.

So I commit now to being fully present with my current healing process, and of finding as much appreciation for it, in and of itself, as possible.

And I am looking forward to all the positive changes this brings.

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