Expansiveness & Overwhelm

The Message of the Week from The Third Mary discusses overwhelm, and not staying “small.”

How do you support your own expansiveness?

How do you deal with overwhelm?

For me, the expansiveness is sometimes by fits and starts. I may take a few steps forward, then need to let things sit a bit. But basically, when I allow myself to just truly be, the expansion arises naturally.

Overwhelm comes when I have too much expectation, lack of balance, lack of order, see myself as smaller than my tasks/choices/ situation, etc. And it eases as I bring my attention back to the basics, focusing on one thing at a time, allowing myself to call on the assistance I require, break down tasks or goals that seem huge into appropriate next steps.

I think when we realize how much assistance is available to us, we can relax into being our true selves and trusting our positive possibilities.

Today I had the joy of being interviewed on “Joy of Union,” with Joy Regina Melchezidek and T.J. Ryan, which will be posted next week on http://www.joyofunion.podbean.com and http://www.outthere.podbean.com, and tonight at 10 pm Eastern I’ll be part of a live broadcast on “Voices of the Sacred Feminine” with Karen Tate. (You can call in at 718-766-4662, or listen @ www.blogtalkradio.com/voicesofthesacredfeminine.)

And I can just enjoy them, go with the flow, because they’re about the material in my books, Goddess Heart Rising and The Third Mary, and the energies that engendered them, energies that support me in the process of being who I am and encouraging others to do the same.

And I am so grateful for discovering my connection with these aspects of who we all are in our larger selves, and for these opportunities to share them with more and more people.

So I am napping between shows, eating good food, enjoying my husband and canine companion, and following the flow.

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Re-Membering and the Triumvirate of Marys

Still, I forget. Forget that I am not in this “alone,” forget that I can call on my spiritual crew to assist me with anything, forget that the Triumvirate of Marys is available to all of us, all the time.

Today, rereading the excerpt I posted yesterday from The Third Mary, I remember. I remember all is well. I remember I don’t have to muddle through what’s uncomfortable for me. I remember there is assistance available to me, and that I can give up my picture of how something usually goes and how I usually feel about it, to discover what Divine support shows me instead.

Today is a new beginning, a time to recommit to applying this remembrance as much as I can, because it brings me peace. I can feel fully supported in what I choose to take action on, or realize it’s time for me to make a different choice.

Whenever I read the Third Mary’s words about key players from Biblical times, I feel uplifted. Especially in those rare passages where she speaks of Jesus’s mother Mary. Her energy is so sweet, and clear, so loving and available.

The description of the Triumvirate of Marys is one of my favorites too, because the way they fit together, their cohesion, strength and comprehensiveness as a unit is so palpable to me. It’s just so real.

It’s time for me to tap into feeling their strength and compassion, their love, power and support more frequently. It’s time for me to re-member more fully who I am.

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Trust & the Power of Commitment to Positive Change

I have to say, I don’t always completely trust the process of change.

I’m probably something of a “fair weather trust-er,” doubting its ultimate results when the change comes in a form different than I envisioned, or the process is uncomfortable.

It’s uncomfortable right now; turns out my injured foot has a fracture.

I’m grateful for the “moon boot” that’s helping me get around better than I have for the last two weeks and making sure my foot heals properly. And I’m grateful to have more support for this healing process.

And I’m glad I’ve cleared a bunch of emotional goo-ga that’s come up since the injury occurred.

But I have moments of unreasonable pessimism about it at times, as well as of feeling sorry for myself.

Yet underneath it all, I know it’s leading to greater strength and wholeness.

Always, I’d like this process to be easier.

And at the same time, I know some go through much more challenging health issues in their process of achieving greater unity and integration.

I am so grateful for all the assistance I’m receiving. And I am calling in more grace, more allowing, and even more support for this healing, on all levels.

Last summer, when a dear friend, upon hearing of my close connection with Mary Magdalene’s mother, suggested I communicate with her, find out her story, I was VERY resistant.

The degree of emotion I felt when I would sense this connection seemed so overwhelming, so intense that I didn’t want to go there.

And yet, I began hearing her voice in my head almost immediately.

Within a week’s time, I committed myself to taking down the messages that Mary Magdalene’s mother wanted to share with us.

This resulted not only in the gifts of The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace, but also of clearing up my discomfort in connecting with her, and accessing much more of myself.

I am much more fully present here now, which is an incredible and great gift; one I would have missed had I not made the commitment I did.

So I commit now to being fully present with my current healing process, and of finding as much appreciation for it, in and of itself, as possible.

And I am looking forward to all the positive changes this brings.

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Thank You!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat an honor to get to share this gift that was given to my heart and soul with a group that truly soaked in its energies!

Yesterday I shared a Celebration of the Sacred Feminine – Books Release Party & Soul-ar Activation Meditation, including a brief channeling from the Third Mary. And it was magical, deep, fun and thrilling meeting and communing with friends new and old, and sharing my experience of birthing both The Third Mary and Goddess Heart Rising, and hearing those who’d already experienced them share their impact.

It’s exciting to know that more and more of their energies are going out into the world, activating their readers and influencing lives in wonderful ways!

This is a gift to myself, and I intend to absorb it fully now as I celebrate 49 years on the planet in this lifetime.

Thank you again to everyone who’s been and will be a part of the sharing of these books, and to all the energies that have come through me to them, and to all that has enabled me to do so.

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More On Union

Experiencing oneself as an integral part of the whole is a great feeling, and something I believe we all yearn for.

Every bit of peace we experience brings us closer to this state.

Last night I facilitated a LaHo-Chi Circle, which offers a sample of this healing energy to a group.

It smoothed energy in and around us, and helped bring movement to some old energetic blocks – an opening, a beginning, an opportunity for more healing to continue to flow.

I saw bodies relax, breath deepen, faces smooth; felt energy being absorbed, moving and shifting energy patterns toward greater peace and harmony.

It’s a profound gift to have this kind of tool readily available. I’m so grateful to my teachers and to their teachers and to all who have helped support this energy’s accessibility to us.

Utilizing the LaHo-Chi energy has not only allowed me to facilitate more healing for myself and others, it’s also one of the factors which helped bring forward my ability to channel, eventually leading to my receiving the messages of The Third Mary.

Next month I will train more people to be able to access the LaHo-Chi and Angel Light energy for themselves and others, something I was first led to do in 2000, and more and more people will be able to benefit from this gift, this beautiful tool that brings more love, light and wisdom, more opportunities for experiencing Oneness and Divine Love, to the Earth plane.

It’s deeply satisfying to be able to share this gift, and to continue to learn and grow with it.

Thank you, All.


Epiphany Follow-Up + Message from The Third Mary

When I began taking down messages from Mary Magdalene’s mother, I had no idea of all the gifts this process would bring me.

First and foremost, it has brought back to me a part of myself I never knew was missing. I feel a strength, a knowing that I am more here now, in a way that feels really solid, grounded and good.

Which is not to say I never feel ungrounded! But that on the whole, I am more present, which makes me more capable of living the kind of life I desire.

And the messages continue to give me goosebumps, and new realizations/energetic shifts.

Yesterday a woman who may be interviewing me on her Internet radio show asked me what I’m most passionate about in my work. I told her it’s the ability to help people recognize the magnificence of their true, total selves, because as we spark that in ourselves and one another, we become able to live it, which naturally creates the kind of world we truly desire.

Here’s a brief portion of The Third Mary that I think is a central piece in our planetary evolution:

It is this experience I seek to share with you today, that there is NO SEPARATION, simply expressions of the One carrying themselves into greater and greater experiences of wholeness, like tributaries pouring into vaster and vaster oceans of Beingness. . . 

Though its specific outcome be unknown, yet its essence remains clear—Union and the willingness to experience it, even when it appears to be farther away than home, yet it is home, in that Home ultimately is at its core. And you have so many opportunities before you to live out the fullness of who you are, in accordance with the Grand Design.

Your Union is at the core of your Divine Nature and it cannot be undone. . . 

Most importantly, always know you are being assisted by those of us on your spiritual crew, and you can call upon us in any situation, no matter how hurtful or impossible it may appear to you.

And know, please, that in time all will be in resolution and harmony will reign more fully than it yet has before. . .

Whenever you utilize our services, know that we are also fully and completely part of your selves, and that we hold your individual, unique essence in the very highest regard.

I am communicating something vitally important for this time and place – assist yourself by knowing each one of you is loved without reservation, and cherished far beyondyour conscious awareness of such.

Excerpted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright 2014 by Roslyn McGrath.

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Early Morning Epiphany

While somewhat awake during the wee hours today, as I was moved to claim more of my inherent nature and purpose, I had one of those realizations that ring through your being and accelerate change;

the kind of revelation that may seem simple, even heard, read or spoken many times before, except that this time, it shifts things to a point of (hallelujah!) no return;

the kind of knowing that deepens your gratitude for being alive.

For me, this early morning, it was experiencing the meaning of the following:

When we are serving our purpose, we are strengthened. The doing of it is always a healing.

And I felt that strength pour through me, as I made good on my soul’s commitment to translate energies between Heaven and Earth, as we move into greater congruence between them, together.

I felt this strength come to me through taking down the messages for The Third Mary. And in compiling the materials for Goddess Heart Rising.

And I’m continuing to follow the path of what feels good, right, strengthening, in sharing these books.

This Saturday it will be through a PARTY, a celebration, at one of my favorite times of year – Summer Solstice! And at one of my favorite places – Joy Center!

It’s deeply satifying for me to get to share my books with you, the process behind them, and original art included in them, along with a Soul-ar Activation Meditation. (Plus delicious refreshments and special music, of course!)

I would love for you to join me there if you can make it! And if not, please feel free to join in spirit!

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