Reflections on Relationships – Jesus & Mary Magdalene’s & Our Own

The relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene was beautiful from the start. But of course it would be. They came from the same facet of Light, and they knew it.

I always thought that if you follow your heart, you’ll be happy. And I still believe it.

I also know relationships have their challenges too, including our relationships with ourselves, others, work, our environment and so on. And that I don’t tend to feel happy about dealing with these challenges. But because my intention is to resolve them, there is growth, richness, and eventual happiness with the outcome.

The thing is, the outcome is always “out-coming,” i.e., there are no endings, simply continuing opportunities for experience.

In the past couple of weeks, I have heard at least 5 happy relationship stories –  from a young woman whose prior break-up has blossomed into a full-blown and very positive romance; a senior in her first truly honoring, mutually beneficial love relationship; another young woman whose online overseas friendship is steadily building into something more; a joyous, recently engaged couple; and a young couple living together who are honoring and supporting one another through a health challenge.

I take all this as a very good sign.

Last night, Joy Regina Melchezidek and I facilitated Aphrodite Answers – Your Soul’s Beauty Revealed, assisting women to bask in that most primary of relationships – the one with oneself, as well as with the sensory, sensual world. The richness, wisdom and deep soul connections shared were a privilege and honor to be part of.

And I look forward to discovering how this powerful experience is affecting all of our many forms of relationships in the days to come.

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