Thoughts on the Third Mary’s Early Angelic Experience

The excerpt I posted yesterday on an angelic vision Mary Magdalene’s mother had as a young child is one of my favorites of the stories she shared with me. I feel such sweetness emanating from it! And I can see how empowering it would be to receive such reassurance at this early age.

Our perceptions of the world can be so much more open when we’re children, and can have such influence on the rest of our lives. Although I didn’t have the kind of experience the Third Mary did at this age, I can still recall times that someone older and wiser honored me with their sincere attention and appreciation when they didn’t have to pay me any mind at all.

I felt more clear, confident, present when this occurred. I’d feel it bring out the best in me. And looking back, I would say we were connecting soul to soul, however briefly, and I cherished these times.

Are there moments in your own childhood that stand out as making you feel honored, appreciated, reassured? A positive influence or special vision that you hold dear?

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