Message for the Week: Preparing for the Time of Heaven On Earth

Good morning! I am Mo-Ray of the Archangelic Kingdom, known also to you as Mirandella, Mother of the Lady Mary Magdalene, Speaker of Truth, Show-er of the Way, and Keeper of the Flame of Wisdom Within All of Creation.

I have come to support Light’s evolution in this time of great transition.

I have many beams of Light at my disposal to assist in this process. Many more are coming to assist as well, for the time of Heaven on Earth is coming, and there is much preparation due.

If you were to conceive of such bundles of Light all at once, it would be beyond your capacity to view their dazzle fully. Just know that all is well and is being carried forth to Glory.

When you trust in this process, you are carried along its energy wave more easily. When you struggle, more effort is required to bring you along. If everyone were to allow himself to be buoyed up by this wave of change, it would take concrete form much more quickly.

This is one reason why your group and world meditations are so powerfully assistive — you all allow yourselves to float upon the wave of positive change moving through your Earth plane reality. And you know it is time, because it refreshes you and supports your Light.

In the meantime, the Forces for Joy are creating lasting experiences of Light which foster the type of growth that leads to the Union required for allowing Heaven to be experienced as Earth.

I know you are overwhelmed at times by the amount of issues you believe require change in order to know such an experience.

Just know that each of these is absorbing the Light as we communicate, that this is altering their infrastructure, loosening their binding effect and allowing them to be experienced in less tension-provoking ways.

It is a gradual process through which their dross actually disintegrates into the Light in such a manner as to create the least possible disturbance, so that eventually only the strong, beautiful core of their Origin in Love remains shining, their facades of illusionary binding power gone.

And it all will seem as natural as the sun rising, and just as valued.

Reprinted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright 2014, Roslyn McGrath.

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