Epiphany Follow-Up + Message from The Third Mary

When I began taking down messages from Mary Magdalene’s mother, I had no idea of all the gifts this process would bring me.

First and foremost, it has brought back to me a part of myself I never knew was missing. I feel a strength, a knowing that I am more here now, in a way that feels really solid, grounded and good.

Which is not to say I never feel ungrounded! But that on the whole, I am more present, which makes me more capable of living the kind of life I desire.

And the messages continue to give me goosebumps, and new realizations/energetic shifts.

Yesterday a woman who may be interviewing me on her Internet radio show asked me what I’m most passionate about in my work. I told her it’s the ability to help people recognize the magnificence of their true, total selves, because as we spark that in ourselves and one another, we become able to live it, which naturally creates the kind of world we truly desire.

Here’s a brief portion of The Third Mary that I think is a central piece in our planetary evolution:

It is this experience I seek to share with you today, that there is NO SEPARATION, simply expressions of the One carrying themselves into greater and greater experiences of wholeness, like tributaries pouring into vaster and vaster oceans of Beingness. . . 

Though its specific outcome be unknown, yet its essence remains clear—Union and the willingness to experience it, even when it appears to be farther away than home, yet it is home, in that Home ultimately is at its core. And you have so many opportunities before you to live out the fullness of who you are, in accordance with the Grand Design.

Your Union is at the core of your Divine Nature and it cannot be undone. . . 

Most importantly, always know you are being assisted by those of us on your spiritual crew, and you can call upon us in any situation, no matter how hurtful or impossible it may appear to you.

And know, please, that in time all will be in resolution and harmony will reign more fully than it yet has before. . .

Whenever you utilize our services, know that we are also fully and completely part of your selves, and that we hold your individual, unique essence in the very highest regard.

I am communicating something vitally important for this time and place – assist yourself by knowing each one of you is loved without reservation, and cherished far beyondyour conscious awareness of such.

Excerpted with permission from The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene, copyright 2014 by Roslyn McGrath.

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