How I Learned to Channel, Part 3 of 4

smiling man 1I know a common question people have with channeling is “How do you know it’s not just you?”

When you use your ability to sense energy, you can clearly tell when the energy is not your own. You may share information you couldn’t possibly have known, verablize things in a much different way than usual, use mannerisms and expressions distinctly different to those around you, whose feedback can be confirming.

In the healing session I described in my previous post, I was given a message to share (I always ask – is this message for this person? And if so, is it for me to share it with him or her?) that I absolutely did NOT want to give.

Yet it was made clear to me that my job was to deliver it.

With a tightly clenched throat, at the session’s completion, I told this man what I had seen and heard.

To my surprise, he didn’t bat an eyelash. He simply nodded his head, taking it in.

A year later, he told me that hearing this message was one of the two best things that had happened that year, the other being meeting the woman who later became his wife.

So it was a healing for me too. I learned to not judge the messages, simply do my part by delivering them with positive intent, as clearly as I could, and to consistently deliver them.

But I certainly wasn’t going looking for messages, except those related to healing myself on all levels.

Please check in tomorrow for my final post on How I Learned to Channel.

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Step 1 – How to Build the Life You Desire: Message for the Week from the Third Mary

Matriarchal Madonna, copyright Roslyn McGrath, 2013
Matriarchal Madonna, copyright Roslyn McGrath, 2013

All peoples exist with a level of conflict in their beings;

all peoples yearn for a future better than their past;

all peoples suffer from a  lack of trust in some area of their lives;

all peoples have an innate desire to grow, stretch and express themselves in this sphere called living.


In truth, we all yearn for Home, yet rarely glimpse it while embodied here.

If we could taste that sweetness more regularly while in the physical, this balm could uplift our hearts and souls in such a way that we could expand our good and the good of the whole limitlessly!!!!!!!


And we can.


Sink into the knowing that I am sharing with you now.


Regardless of the trials and travails you may have faced or are facing currently, you can smell the sweetness of Heaven, for it is embedded in your soul.


You can taste the sweetness of Heaven for it is available NOW.


You can feel the sweetness of Heaven for you were made to claim it.


Allow yourself to absorb this nourishment regularly and the seeds within your soul will sprout and grow ’til you can begin to recognize the emerging fruits of your story, the story we have all come to share in and be part of, the story you have come to create in this, your Earth Home.


Heaven is denied to no one. It is up to you to open the doorway of your awareness so that you may experience it NOW, and build upon it, to truly create Heaven as Earth.


I am Mary of Niza, Mother to the Lady Mary Magdalene and Keeper of the Flame of Union Within All!!!!!!!

And I love you throughout and beyond Eternity.


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